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Spanish company specialized in firewood and burnable products for barbecues and fire in general is looking for distributors.

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Spanish company dedicated to the management of forest products and their subsequent distribution in domestic and commercial formats is looking for distributors in the European and Arabic world. Particularly, it is specialized in firewood and burnable products for barbecues and fire in general. It is also interested in reciprocal production with producers active in the forestry and firewood sector in South America and the U.S..

Offer description

The Spanish company is based in Valencia and was established in 1959 starting with the commercialization of forest products and their derivatives. Nowadays, the company is specialized in firewood, burnable products for barbecues and fire in general. During the last decade the company attributed great importance to innovation and engaged in the development of new products in order to create added value. The product offer of the company comprises: • Olive wood chunks • Several kinds of woods (Oak, Holm oak, orange, olive, pine, quebracho) • Gourmet woods. • Orange wood chips • Olive wood chips • Quebracho wood chips • Holm oak charcoal • Quebracho charcoal • Several kinds of wood briquettes. They show a great commitment to the protection of the environment selling small trees of Spanish species (Oak, Holm oak, Cork oak, Arbutus and pine). The company is interested in the European, Arabic, South American and U.S. market. It is looking for distributors to place its products in large distributors, supermarkets, do-it-yourself centers, garden centers, convenience stores or petrol stations. In case of Latin America and EEUU it is interested in collaborating with forest product producers and/or specialist dealers of wood, firewood and charcoal, who can produce locally, following the guidelines of the Spanish company in order to sell the products in their close-by markets. Concerning the Arabic World it is open to different ways of work.

Innovations and advantages

The Spanish company continuously works on innovation to improve their firewood products to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Thus it is able to offer the distributors native wood from Spain having a higher added value than the products offered by other operators in the market. The company attributes great importance to the collaboration for developing strategies to protect of the environment and enhance sustainability. Synergies are reached by creating co-working spaces with technological centers, institutions and other companies. Moreover, the Spanish company is willing to pass on its know-how to adequate partners to help build a local adaptation of the program through shared intelligence.

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04003002 Solid fossil fuel
07002001 Forest technology
07002005 Wood Products

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07004008 Other consumer products
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09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Area of partner's activity

The company looks for partners, who have a good level of knowledge of their national forest product and firewood sector, the willingness to establish long-term agreements and experience in transnational co-operations. Specifically, it is looking for distributors in order to disseminate its products in the European, South American, U.S. and Arabic market. In reference to the Latin American and U.S. market, is also interested in establishing reciprocal production agreements. In reference to the Arabic world, it is as well open to other types of collaboration.


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