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Spanish company specialized in an eco-innovative online monitoring system for hydrocarbon and chemical storage facilities is looking for distributors and European projects partners

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A Spanish company specialized in chemical and petrochemical industry has developed an eco-innovative online monitoring system to allow early detection of a hydrocarbon leakage in monitoring wells from 2” and over. Completely wireless and certified, it is an easy to use and installation only takes 10 minutes.Battery operated without maintenance for over 7 years. The company is seeking distributors,commercial agents or a license agreement for its product, as well as partners for European projects.

Offer description

The company, located in Spain, carries out its activity in the chemical and petrochemical field. The Technology developed consists on a system that monitors daily the groundwater of petrochemical installations and installations that storage petrol for their consume (refineries, service stations, storage plants, airports and ports) allowing them to have an early detection of any spill that is affecting groundwater. The technology consists on two parts: - The first part is a proprietary sensor that detects sheens of hydrocarbon on water. Free of maintenance. Suitable for monitoring wells of 2” and over. The sensor uses a Physic-chemical reaction that avoids completely any false alarm. The sensor can be adapted for different applications such as open water tables, chambers, pipes, etc. - The second part is a wireless communication system. It is a complete modular and flexible wireless system certified ATEX. It allows a daily monitoring of the sensors without maintenance or battery replacement. Completely IP68 sealed. This wireless ATEX and IP68 system can also be used to monitor third party sensors. This system is ideal as a standalone system for the detection of hydrocarbon spills or as a complement to other leak detection system. The product provides peace of mind to the environmental managers as any spill that has occurred, even the smallest one not detected by other leak detections systems, will be detected as soon as they reach the groundwater level. The company wants to contact distributors and commercial agents to expand its eco-innovative online monitoring system in new markets. They also offer its product under a license agreement. Additionally, the company will consider partners for European projects.

Innovations and advantages

The system is an eco-innovative online monitoring system to significantly improve the early detection of a hydrocarbon leakage, contributing to significantly reducing the contamination impact and remediation costs. Main characteristics of this system include: - Daily monitoring of monitoring wells. - Reliable without false alarm based on a proprietary sensor technology. - Wireless system not requiring civil work installation system that highly improves the competitiveness of the product over the current market alternatives. - No maintenance. - Low cost compared to other alternative solutions - IP68 - ATEX

Current stage of development

Product fully developed used in several customers in Spain

Technology keywords

10003004 Recycling, Recovery

Market application codes

06001004 Equipment and instrumentation

Intellectual property rights

Granted patent or patent application essential

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Area of partner's activity

- Distributors to sell the product abroad. - Experts for UL, FM, IECEx, ATEX, certification. - Statistical Reconciliation Inventory Analysis manufacturers. - Partners for European projects for fields indicated. The company is looking for: - Distributors to sell the product abroad - Experts for UL, FM, IECEx, ATEX, certification. - Statistical Reconciliation Inventory Analysis manufacturers - Partners for European projects for fields above


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