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Spanish company offering comprehensive outsourcing service for the metal-mechanic industry seeks agents

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The Spanish company specialized in development and manufacturing of metal-mechanic components, offers a comprehensive outsourcing service providing technical expertise, innovative solutions and manufacturing services. It seeks commercial agents to offer its services and products all over Europe.

Offer description

The Spanish company based in Valencia offers a comprehensive service for developing and producing metal-mechanic components tailored to the special needs of the clients. It has more than 50 years of experience in the field of metal machining and precision turning. It operates within a number of sectors: Orthopaedic industry - making prostheses, joints, dental implants and their accessories, as well as orthopaedic devices Aeronautics and aerospace -making elements for cockpits and engines Automotive - components such as carburetors, radiators, injectors, elevators, wing/rear-view mirrors, body-work dashboards The company has access to a large range of machine tools including CNC (computer numerical control) turning processes (automatic lathes with fixed or moveable heads), CNC milling processes (horizontal, vertical, 4º and 5º axis), gear grinding and cutting. The company is an industrial group that is currently seeking new sales markets to expand its activities on a European level and is looking for a number of agents who can introduce their services to companies into relevant sectors including orthopaedic and medical aids, aeronautics and aerospace and the automotive industry

Innovations and advantages

The company can adhere to very strict quality requirements and technical demands. The company has been operating for over 50 years, clearly showing their ability to adapt to the changing circumstances of the market and the need to continually develop and change products to suit market needs It anticipates trends in the market and conducts thorough research in order to continuously innovate in technology and production processes. It is strongly focused on excellent customer service and satisfying the sophisticated needs of its clients. Its service usually is provided via an outsourcing /subcontracting contract and comprises: Integration. Mechanization. Development. Cooperation. Solutions. Adaptability.

Technology keywords

02002010 Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planning, cutting)
02002011 Machining, fine (grinding, lapping)
02003003 Component integration
02003005 Information processing & Systems, Workflow
09001002 Analyses / Test Facilities and Methods

Market application codes

08002006 Numeric and computerised control of machine tools
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
08006001 Process control and logistics
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

Comments, number and date of patent

ISO 9000

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Area of partner's activity

TThe company wants to offer its service all over Europe and therefore seeks reliable commercial agents/partners to distribute its service and products in their national markets. Commercial agents involved in the fields of medical products manufacturing (prostheses, dental implants, orthopedic devices, ect) Commercial agents engaged in industrial sector, motor vehicles, mechanical equipment, and components for industrial machinery. There is a wide field of activities where the company can offer its solutions.


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