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Spanish company creating individual solutions for energy problems using photovoltaic technology looks for commercial agents

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A Spanish company specialized in solving energy problems by creating individual solutions based on flexible photovoltaic energy looks for commercial agents within the European market, especially in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, the UK and Germany.

Offer description

The Spanish company uses light and flexible photovoltaic technology in the development of proprietary products that solve energy problems at the individual level. It accumulated extensive expertise in this sector and successfully established a strong brand image. Its main products are: ** Foldable Solar Modules with USB output to recharge smartphones. Applications: smartphones, mini-fridge USB, USB fans, etc. Sector: nautical, caravanning, outdoor sports, merchandising The company has more than two years of experience in selling this product. ** Solar modules integrated on the top of an umbrella to feed a charging box with USB output located in the pole. This product enables people to charge their smartphones while they are having a drink on the terrace. Applications: smartphones and LED (Light Emitting Diode) illumination of the umbrellas Sector: Hotel and catering industry (restaurants, coffee shops, hotels with terraces and umbrellas) The company sells the product since more than one year successfully in the Spanish market and registered several patents for it. ** Compact power stations of a capacity of 160Wh (Watt hours) integrating a solar regulator, a Li-ion battery and an invertor. The customer can charge devices using the USB output (5V)/ DC(Direct current) output (12V) or the socket 220V in AC(Alternate current). He can connect devices up to 100W of power. Applications: Any kind of device up to 100W Sector: hotel and catering, military and caravanning Since one year the company sells this product successfully in the Spanish hotel and catering sector to illuminate umbrellas, in the caravanning sector and the military sector. The company now is looking for commercial agents to represent its TOP products, especially in Spain, Portugal France, Italy, the UK, and Germany, but is open to any other European country. It offers commissions and works with its commercial network as a real team communicating with its agents on a daily basis.

Innovations and advantages

For all its products the company uses resistant and flexible material to encapsulate the solar modules and applies the latest solar technology using Monocrystalline Silicon. ** Foldable Solar Modules: It is a compact and economic product that can be adapted to the corporative image of the client. It possesses a smart USB output and the fabric can be customized in different colors. Moreover, there is a useful transport bag included. The lifespan of the product is 25 years or longer. ** Solar modules integrated on the top of an umbrella: It is the only solution in the market that offers the hostelry sector the possibility to take advantage of the infrastructure of the terraces (umbrellas) to install a solar system to charge the smartphones of the customers of the establishment. The product is easy to install and it can be adapted to the corporative image of the client. It is accompanied by strong marketing and visual material. Furthermore, there exists the possibility to integrate internal Li-ion batteries into the module to increase the autonomy, obtain communication protocols using Bluetooth and/or RFID (Radio-frequency identification) or to program the time of work of each device from your own smartphone. ** Power Stations It’s a very compact all-in-one device with a weight of about 1kg that enables you to charge any small device up to 100W. It is an economic product that can be sold together with one of the foldable solar modules to charge it.

Technology keywords

04005005 Solar/Thermal energy
04007001 Energy management

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06003001 Solar/thermal energy

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Area of partner's activity

The company aims at establishing an extensive commercial network in Europe of commercial agents to represent and distribute its products in the potential channels and geographic areas. As it is active in the hostelry sector it looks among others for agents, who are experienced in this area.


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