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Spanish business organization and technological centre located in Galicia representing the agro-sea-food sector offers biotechnology solutions in the development of healthy food with a tailored nutritional profile through a services agreement

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The technological centre has a plot area of more than 6.300 m2 distributed on 5 floors dedicated exclusively for researching located in Galicia. The laboratories and its most advanced equipment will allow the implementation of new lines of research of business interest in the marine and food fields. The centre offers services in the field of food and health, particularly the research in functional foods and nutraceuticals; and it works with microorganisms and enzymes.

Offer description

The technological centre is a reference for the development of R&D&I projects in the fishery and aquaculture products processing sector and it is registered by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. It is located on the Atlantic coastline in Galicia (Spain). It offers services in the field of food and health, particularly the research in functional foods and nutraceuticals, design and development of tailored food for people with special nutritional needs: active aging and food allergies. The technological centre of reference for the sea and food sector was born in 1949. It has 60 years of experience in fishing products quality control and food safety, in technical assistance and in R&D&I. This centre takes part of a business association that was born in 1904 and it is focused on the representation and defence of the interests of more than 200 companies belonging to all the levels of the sea-industry complex. Also, the centre is specialized in chemical and functional characterization of bioactive molecules, raw materials and end products, development of methodologies for structural and molecular analysis, in vitro evaluation of the bioavailability and biological activity of functional ingredients. Scientific substantiation of nutritional and health claims. Among others, the technological centre is working on microorganisms and enzymes that can be used in increasing bioactivity and bioavailability of bioactive compounds. The "Spanish Association for Standarisation and Certification" has certificated its R&D&I management, technological forecasting and competitive intelligence, and the laboratories are accredited by the "Spanish National Accreditation Body" according to the UNEEN ISO/IEC 17O25 for performing physical-chemical, microbiological, toxicological and biomolecular tests in food products, water and packaging. The centre is recognised as Accredited Laboratory FACE (Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations) and, it is also accredited by the "Spanish National Accreditation Body" in the scope of the guarantee mark since 2010. The technological centre is constantly involved in R&D&I projects and it offers its services for researching and consulting through a services agreement. The cooperation also may comes through stablishing a partnership, the partner profile have to be complementary to the activities of the centre.

Innovations and advantages

The technological centre develops more than 75 national and international R&D&I projects a year, mainly in direct collaboration with companies in the sea and food sector, innovating new products and services with a differentiated quality and transferring advanced technological solutions to the industrial sector. It has wide experience in coordinating and participating in European projects, participating in various V, VI and VII Framework projects such as ”DIVERSIFY” “FISHPOPTRACE”, “AFRESH”, “BEADS”, “BIOCOP”, “DETECTOX”, “SPIES DETOX” , “ATLANTOX”, “PHARMATLANTIC”, “CIGUATOOLS”, etc. It has an experimental pilot plant where preindustrial simulation activities will be carried out, such as, modeling, design, optimization and control of manufacturing processes, studies of energy efficiency and saving resources, development of prototypes of industrial machinery and recovery of by-products and wastes at pilot-scale.

Technology keywords

08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food

Market application codes

05008 Agro and Marine biotech

Intellectual property rights

Other (registered design, plant variety, etc)

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Area of partner's activity

Agro-sea-food sector companies belonging to this sector working on the research and development of new ingredients. Entities whose activity is obtaining microorganisms and enzymes for the production of functional ingredients, substitution of additives and processing aids for natural ingredients improving the nutritional and organoleptic profile as well as assuring the highest food safety standards, application of biotechnology to obtain foods with improved level of organoleptic and nutritional quality, etc.


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