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Spanish avant-garde gastronomic space combining interior design and cuisine looks for franchisees

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The Spanish company is an innovative gastronomic space that merges knowledge and wide experience in interior design and high cuisine. It encompasses a great gastronomic offer for the customer to enjoy at any time of the day, in common with unique and exclusive space designed for granting functionality and a unique style, combining different decorations and environment. Company is looking for franchisees with wide experience in this field.

Offer description

The Spanish company is an avant-garde gastronomic space, founded in 2006 by a renowned interior designer with projects throughout the world and a highly qualified cook, finalist in the championship of Spain Youngs Chefs in 2001, with a career of over 15 years in various restoration sectors. This gastronomic space that has achieved the “Q” for Tourism Quality certificate, has focused its main attention in the sweet kitchen, creative cuisine and design, where signature cuisine is accessible to all publics. It offers an extensive menu of Spanish cuisine merged with international cuisine, based in high-quality raw material, innovation, lifelong learning and creativity. The space offers different areas creating decorations for all types of customers, areas for meetings, business lunches or family snacks, and transforms its look through changes in lighting and music with live performances, so the space becomes the perfect place for a cocktail or a drink in the most cosmopolitan atmosphere. After checking the success of this innovative proposal the Spanish company began its expansion as a franchise. In 2012 it opened its two first international locations in Dubai, which would be joined by a third one in 2014. All of them occupy excellent locations in tourist and residential areas. They are looking for franchisees interested in their model business, with particular focus in locations as residential areas, financial neurological centers or leisure and tourism environments.

Innovations and advantages

By analyzing and managing spaces, these are tailored to the need of the customers granting functionality and a unique style, result of the collaboration between the design department and the creators of the concept, it is a design project based on planning. They study in the laboratory the application of new technologies (using machinery to enable better processing, conservation and sale of products), working also in R&D&I for searching new products and improving the quality of existing ones. The Spanish gastronomic space is also present on all platforms 2.0 The savoury menu is based on a universal avant-garde cuisine with a strong Mediterranean character and predominance of raw material quality . The savory menu changes annually following the culinary guidelines that mark the market taking into account the opinion of the customer, franchisee, sales and the work of R&D&I. The sweet menu is the distinguishing insignia. This unique space has a high quality haute cuisine, available at any time of day and prepared at the moment. Recipes always recovered and versioned through new techniques giving them added value through new textures and dramatic presentations.

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Company is looking for partners who understand its brand philosophy. It looks for franchisees with knowledge in the field, organizational ability and used to teamwork. They will lead the new openings, being faithful to the business model.


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