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South Korean manufacturer of children's play products seeks agents or distributors

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A South Korean company founded in 1990 is specialized in developing children's play products such as foam clay and sand clay. The company is looking for partner to operate as agents or distributors to the toy sector.

Offer description

A South Korean company was established in 1990. The company has been steady-going process in both office supply and childcare product markets. Since the company has been corporatized with few craft-related industrial companies, they have been carving out new spaces in Korean manufacturing industry by producing and developing new lines of products annually such as traditional Korean paper handcrafts, soap clay, and sand play kits. In 2015, the company made a significant progress by successfully merging with institution of education of formative clay art. They launched new systematic educational programs with enhanced product quality to the public in order to introduce to all the children of the world. They provide educational activities with different kinds of playing kits. The company believes that the spirit of entertainment can be educational. One of their products is easily mold-able without water. It is light as cotton candy with pastel-color type and smooth as fleece; non-toxic as it is made of diatomite and oil moisturizer. It does not dry nor harden but very sticky enough to agglomerate; of all the features of its products, it is targeting for children to build up imagination and creativity. It is well mold-able as its particles are fine and moist with guaranteed safety. The company has the outstanding advantages of clay products compared to that of other companies. One of the other products has great elasticity, bright and clear color, precise color blending. The products are water soluble, moist, smooth and soft; when it gets dried, children can make it soft again with small amount of water. Moreover, their foam clay becomes very light and solid when it dries. It can be pasted on a wide surface evenly without any folds. Of all the features of their products, the company is targeting for children to improve strong imagination and creativity in education. The desired partner should be loving kind of children and be interested in children play products. They would like to establish commercial agency and distribution service agreement with European partners and whom should be able to understand in extensive range of products for children to produce creative good ones.

Innovations and advantages

Their product advantages are: -They guarantee safety for product and materials. -Their products are very light and flexible enough for children. -Selected as the most preferable sand products out of other clay play products companies among the children in the foreign exhibition. -Floating soap clay is the first developed children play in the world -New product of 2016, considered to practicality, creativity, curiosity, and sense of fulfilling.

Market application codes

07001003 Toys and electronic games

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Area of partner's activity

Desired partners should have extensive knowledge in the field of clay products. They prefer the partner to have excellent product marketing skill in order to develop many creative items. They wish their products to be reproduced or possibly renewed as cooperating with European. They are looking forward to start collaboration in the future to discuss more about the strategy of how to approach to the consumers to be satisfied via new ways. They are interested in commercial agency agreement and distribution service agreement.


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