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South Korean manufacturer of air amplifying fans seeks distributor/agent in Europe

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A South Korean company manufacturing a range of electric bladeless fans is looking for a commercial agent or distributor in Europe. It is a start-up company recognized by some of the foremost international corporations.

Offer description

Established in 2014, the company specialized in electronic bladeless fan with wind amplifying technology system. Having applied through domestic certified technology, the company has manufactured innovative air amplifying system of fan, targeting of safe, natural and eco-friendly wind. The certified technology has received the patent of application from all over the Europe and eight countries overseas. They have already exported to 20 countries after launching the initial products in 2015 and aimed to export to about 50 countries including China, Japan, South East Asia, Europe and United States in 2016. The company utilizes their own wind amplifying technology system which two crossed fans generate pressure difference and cause additional air influx. The 80 blades, hidden in the square frame, make a column of air. These cross-flow fans rotate in the opposite direction which makes breeze by capturing air nearby and moving forward while maximizing its airflow. The company has been developing various devices as to be applying the principle of core technical theories: opposite to two cross fan, air suction parts as rotating the cross fan, air exhaling parts as rotating the cross fan, and outflowing from air outdoor unit of air-conditioner rear section by air amplifying principle. The products apply to home appliances such as fan, air conditioner, air conditioner outdoor unit, air purifier, ventilator, and kitchen hood. It can be also used as industrial air-handling units for construction, IDC, on ships or as a heat exchanger. They prefer marketing to United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Southeast Asia. They would like to proceed with potential partners who possess marketing & sales in local warehouse and able to do C/S. Desired partner should also have some experiences in seasonal products and home appliance as distributor and commercial agent.

Innovations and advantages

-Energy efficiency. Less power compared to the general power usage of other fans. -Air reaching distance. It circulates the air in the room. -Price: securing competitive price by establishing 50% reasonable price policy contrasted to air-multiplier sticks to expensive policy. -Safety: Enhances the cleanliness and avoids having headache and being dried.

Market application codes

07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
07004004 Housewares
07004008 Other consumer products

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Area of partner's activity

Desired partner should be -Active distributor in this sector to expand the market efficiently into global. -Interested in energy-efficient air conditioning system. -Possess marketing & sales in local warehouse. -Able to do C/S. -Experienced in seasonal products and home appliance as wholesaler or retailer.


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