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South Korean hypoallergenic skin care manufacturer seeks agents and distributors

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A South Korean skin care family company has been developing intensive moisturizing and anti-aging products since 2010. They would like to meet potential partners in Europe who are interested in establishing commercial agency and distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The South Korean family company was established in 2010. The company has been specialized in cosmetic products, especially in anti-aging products with long-term experiences. They own three brands covering ages from children to adults. The daughter of oriented home-wear brand created the cosmetic brand for all the family's use with the management philosophy of eco-friendly lifestyle and launched a skin solution brand. The ethical management has been reinforced and products have been improved under her business plan. The company produce hypoallergenic skincare products and daily moisturizing products for dry skin types with four different lines: baby & kids, anti-aging, basic, and moisture. Babys & kids line: bath, lotion, cream, oil, balm, sunblock, and growth cream. Inca Layer(Anti-aging): water, emulsion, cream, effector, and mask pack. Basic: sunblock Moisture: skin mist, aqua cream, aloe gel, BB cream, foam cleanser, hand cream(aloe, grape), and soap. Natural method of emulsifying water and oil, and that of ultrasonic extracting helps ingredients to naturally absorb on skin. It minimizes the external stress on skin as being applied; aimed for women, men, children, and pregnant women. The patented natural ingredients extracted from five major vegetation soothe and protect irritated skins from any external harmful substances providing sufficient nutrients and hydration. Three well known ingredients of hydration, Ceramid-3, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Polyglutamic Acid, together create a thin layer of moisture maintaining the ideal level of moisture. As an anti-wrinkle functional cream, organic sacha inchi oil and inca berry extract create a layer on skin balancing an ideal mix of water and oil. Natural jojoba oil foam a thin film of sebum maintaining skin flexible and glow. The company currently has entered the products into 83 department stores and on several online shops, in particular, three major department stores for offline channels and self-managed online shop. They would like partner to be experienced with the field of skincare industry and natural ingredients to establish distributing service and commercial agency agreement.

Innovations and advantages

-Instantly heals excessive dry skin problems. -Ingredients originated from the Incas known to produce the most collagen. -Natural method of emulsifying water and oil & ultrasonic extracting method help ingredients to naturally absorb on skin. -Minimizes external stress on skin when applied. -Can be affordable for any types of skins.

Market application codes

07004002 Health and beauty aids

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Area of partner's activity

The desired partners should own distribution channels in skincare industry and have extensive knowledge of the identical field. They would like to establish agency and distributing agreement with European partner to build business field stronger into European market.


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