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South Korean cosmetic manufacturer seeks agents or distributors in Europe

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A South Korean company established in 1983, manufactures and develops a whole range of cosmetic products, particularly for hair care. The company is interested in commercial agency or distribution services agreements in Europe.

Offer description

A South Korean company was founded in 1983 and specialized in developing cosmetic products based on the technical experience over the past 30 years. The company has recently upgraded their origin brand of products to be much highly qualified. They have developed new uniformity of design and differentiated product container to have achieved top grade brand image as a main brand. It has built strong product value and customer convenience as well. The company can supply from the range of its original and new products through their brand. They produce and manufacture all kinds of cosmetic products without color cosmetic products. They have guaranteed and stable technology and qualified of products throughout past 35 experiences. They allows ordering “Turnkey System” for container recycle, complete goods and design. In 1996, they have been expanded the production facilities as the forth adoption of new manufacturing technology for improvement of product development process. In 1998, due to expansion of hair-dye facilities and the approval of non-pharmaceutical products, the company has been maintained as a global cosmetic manufacturer. In 2003, the company has obtained an approval for animal non-pharmaceuticals of manufacturing plant, and other approvals of 108 different items. They have developed the cosmetic technology for ingredients in whitening, wrinkle diminishing, and sunblock since the brand launching in 2005. The company has promoted existing research laboratory to the approved technology research laboratory in 2007. They own equipment for quality control to get accurate analysis. Many professional technicians with years of experiences have concentrated on developing new materials and high functionality of products based on life sciences. The products are designed for skin care with external elements through different types of extracts, nutrients, and high-quality moisturizers. It can block the loss of moisture from and strengthen the walls of the skin so as to keep it soft, elastic, and healthy for long period. The hair products have hair repair protection and scalp care effects by high functional ingredients such as amino acids and low molecular weight amino acid complexes. Some of their product lines are the nation's first active-hydrogen hair solution and the products are optimized in the professional hair system and take a leading role for the hair retrieval effect and hair beauty. It is non-stimulated and non-toxic products that have superior hydration and moisture absorption effects. It has no allergic reactions to sensitive skin and prevent static electricity and increase the hair softness and elasticity. In order to provide guaranteed and qualified cosmetics, the company has obtained a certification of CGMP(Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice) and has established production structure based on research and development by experienced researchers and clean production process. Desired partners should be distributors or commercial agents in Europe and who should be active or experienced in the field of cosmetic industry.

Innovations and advantages

Their advantages are: -supply guaranteed and highly qualified cosmetics throughout past 35 years of business experiences. -solidified scientific and full-fledged research skill in order to produce OEM/ODM with lots of domestic and international enterprises. -supply verified products in the management of ISO/CGMP standard. -continuously maintain relationship with cooperative company who has approval of product verification through many experiences.

Market application codes

07004002 Health and beauty aids

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Area of partner's activity

As to work with cosmetic field of manufacturer (skin care/ Hair care/ Body care), the partner should seek private label products and own its origin brand in system of purchase and sales which should be equal as the company. The company also welcomes partner who might have workforce with Spain, Poland and Czech or bulk purchase enterprise who only sales cosmetic materials. The preferred partner should be interested in products for distribution and commercial agency agreement.


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