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Software products and services development to deploy solutions aimed to manage, store, organize, catalogue and extract knowledge from electronic documents and records

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A Spanish company offers highly specialized products and services in the field of electronic document and record management systems (EDRMS). It seeks for all kind of public or private companies in all countries that need to integrate and develop customized applications or services to modernize their processes and workflows related to the management of their knowledge-base stored in their documental or data repository. The company is interested in a services agreement.

Offer description

The company is a spin-off of a Spanish university specialized in the development of applications and services within the field of electronic document and record management as well as electronic administration. It is a company with a clear international focus and also with a broad knowledge on telecommunications, security and electronic commerce. The spin-off offers own base software products as well as services on developing fully customized software or adapting the above base products to cover special customer requirements. These applications and services are developed using modern web techniques allowing customers to migrate from out of date software or traditional paper-based management. These applications and services enable the management, storage and classification of different types of enterprise contents, bringing security to document and data repositories, adding metadata, speeding up search and increasing the productivity of business processes and workflows. The company also possesses know-how in document edition by means of data forms in combination with configurable templates to produce documents in an efficient way, that users have to create and edit very often, boosting their productivity. They are also integrated with digital signature. So, the software allows generating, editing and signing documents efficiently and securely. The benefits of this new technology are the improvement of the communication between and within organizations as well as the quality, competitiveness and productivity of the companies. The fact is that document, record and data management is a cross-cutting field that can be applied to all productive sectors in which documents and processes around them are involved. Some examples in which these applications and services can be especially useful are consultancies, notary offices, universities and educational institutions, public bodies, as well as SMEs, MNEs and all kind of interested companies. Companies and institutions interested in a services agreement are being sought.

Innovations and advantages

Based on a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use user interface (UI) design, it offers companies a simple method to manage and organize in a scalable way their document and data repository currently spread in multiple locations, in a common place, with high levels of security, access control and authorization, and actually accessible from anywhere at anytime by means of any device. The software can manage any type of document, media files, images, etc. in a comprehensive and structured way. The main advantages of these applications are: (1) a quicker access to documents; (2) a boost in the productivity of the business processes; (3) a pervasive and scalable platform available at any place, any moment and through any device; (4) a reduction in costs making documents electronic; (5) saving of paper; (6) a high level of security based on multiple variables and indeed fully adaptable (group roles, grants by individual users, revocable access, based on metadata, dates, etc.); (7) a full trace of users' activity and actions with documents and data; (8) integration of business processes (e.g. authorization and approval flows); (9) management of electronic as well as physical records; (10) API to integrate with third party applications and services (e.g. accounting, workflow, digital signature, document certification, etc.).

Current stage of development

The company already has already lead and successfully deployed several projects of electronic document and record management systems on customer premises, even though the company is also developing new products to provide a cloud-ready solution.

Technology keywords

01003006 Computer Software
01003008 Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
01003015 Knowledge Management, Process Management
01003019 Electronic Signature

Market application codes

01004003 Communications processors/network management
01006004 Communications services
02007002 Database and file management
02007005 Communications/networking
02007008 Business and office software

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking to offer a services agreement to public or private enterprises and institutions interested in implementing applications and services to efficiently and digitally manage electronic documentation and data.


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