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Slovak manufacturer specialising in production of impregnated wooden household supplements is looking for trade intermediaries or representatives to sell its products in EU countries.

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The Slovak based company is focusing on production of impregnated wooden household supplements. Main products are pergolas, louvred shutters, louvred furniture doors and thermo wood. The company is looking for trade intermediaries and representatives to sell its products in foreign countries.

Offer description

Slovak company dealing with production of wooden products offers its goods to potentional customers within the EEA countries. The company offers: arbours,pergolas, sheds, shutters, louvred furniture doors, thermo wood, flower pots, fences, partitions, tables and benches, floors, playgrounds, balcony railing, terrace decking. The company is looking for trade intermediaries or representatives who are interested in this kinds of products. The company will ensure the deliveries by agreement. PERGOLA SYSTEM It is uncovered wooden light construction used as a functional and also decorative element in the gardens and parks.It is made of impregnated wood and offering large scale of design possibilities of gardens, terraces and balconies SHUTTERS Shutters are a complement to any windows creating a special atmosphere and deliver impressive aesthetic appearance. Help to conserve energy, protect against the sun and wind, but also against unwelcomed visitors. Wooden louvred shutters are made from quality lumber (spruce, pine, meranti) according to the latest technology. The company offers several types of shutters, which differ in width and inclination space between the louvers. Wooden shutters are manufactured according to the required dimensions and design (single door, double door, folding). Types of shutters: shutter with fixed louvres, with movable louvers, sliding, cassette, combined, country shutters and louvred shading system. LOUVRED FURNITURE DOORS These products are practical for use in the interior - in wardrobes, furniture, chambers, etc. Open slats allow natural ventilation of enclosed spaces. THERMO-WOOD It is heat-treated wood (at 160 º - 215 º C) while efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing process acquires dimensional and shape stability, thermal insulation, resistance to rot and flexibility in processing. Thus, heat-treated domestic tree species are equivalent to imported hardwoods from endangered tropical forests. Usage: decking/flooring for terraces, facades of buildings, garden structures and accessories.

Innovations and advantages

All the products are manufactured by use of vacuum-pressure impregnation technique which prolongs the product´s lifetime. The company uses modern machinery to produce specific products namely louvred shutters and louvred furniture doors. The company offers competitive prices and guarantees high quality of the products.

Technology keywords

02002007 Joining techniques (riveting, screw driving, gluing)
02006004 Installations related to construction (energy, lighting, ..)
03010 Household Goods & Appliances

Market application codes

07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
07004008 Other consumer products
08001007 Coatings and adhesives manufactures
08001019 Speciality/performance chemicals
08001023 Other chemicals and materials (not elsewhere classified)

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