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Slovak company is seeking distributors for its zeolite products designed for household use (litter for pet, aquarium filtration gravel, decorative zeolite rock, mineral fertiliser for garden and grass)

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Slovak company mining and processing of natural zeolite and manufacturing zeolite-based products for pet lovers (zeolite litter and zeolite and bentonite clumping litter for cats, litter for other pets), aquarium lovers (filtration gravel and fill material) and gardeners (decorative zeolite rock for landscaping needs, fertiliser for fruits, vegetables and grass) is looking for experienced partners (distributors, wholesalers, agents) from hobby area specialised in distribution/sale of products.

Offer description

The company from Eastern Slovakia has 60 years of experience with the processing of natural materials. The company produces a range of high quality zeolit products for household use: 1. Cat litter is easy and convenient to use and does not soil cat fur or paws which helps keep them clean. 2. Clumping cat litter is easy and convenient to use and does not soil cat fur or paws which helps keep them clean. 3. Litter for birds and in terrariums absorbs 100% of odors and can be used as a grit. 4. Zeolite decorative stones for flower pots, flower beds absorb odors. 5. Zeolite gravel in aquarium is used to fill the filter and it has also a decorative feature. It ensures a clean aquarium and healthy environment for the fish. 6. Filtration of water in aquariums and ponds – zeolite inset is used in aquarium filters or garden filters. 7. Zeolite fertilizer for fruits, vegetables and lawn ensures good condition of fruits, vegetables and grass throughout the season. The company is looking for agents, distributors etc. under the commercial or distribution agreement from the EU and outside.

Innovations and advantages

Litters under points 1. to 3. of the description (cat litter, clumping cat litter, litter for birds) - using of the zeolite removes excrement malodours and wetness effectively, it is easy and comfortable to use, it keeps fur, skin and paws clean, it is 100% natural material with no additives and colourants, it is harmless when digested and does not irritate the skin. It keeps litter boxes hygienic. 4. Zeolite decorative stone for flower pots, flower beds optimises soil water content and prevents soil from drying, it improves and balances plants´uptake of nutrients and trace elements, it prevents soil hardening and reduces the need for frequent watering, it prevents mould and parasite growth as well as absorbs room malodours. It is a natural decorating element for graves, flower-beds and garden pavements. 5. The gravel in aquariums and ponds is a 100% natural mineral substance that contains no additives or colourants, it picks up substances that are harmful to fish, esp. ammonia. it is non-toxic and non-allergic, it prevents algae growth, maintains water purity and creates biologically beneficial conditions. Its decorating function is a plus as well. 7. Zeolite fertilizer releases nutrients gradually throught the vegetative period which leads to the reduction of nutrient leaching into groundwater. It holds heavy metals in its lattice, reduces their content in crops; adjusts the soil pH - neutral zone, retains water in sandy soils, reduces nitrate content in crops. As it contains elements of minerals (Mg, Ca, Fe, Mn, Mo) it has positive effects on the overall health condition of plants, including their process of flowering, ripening, and coloration – as well as their taste properties.

Market application codes

09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for experienced partners (distributors, wholesalers, agents) from hobby area specialised in distribution/sale products for household application. The company wants to expand its scope and therefore is looking for new markets.


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