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Slovak company is seeking distributors for its zeolite products designed for agriculture (animal feed additive, animal additive to bedding, soil conditioners and fertilizers).

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Slovak company active in mining and processing of natural zeolite and manufacture of products for agriculture (including ecological agriculture) based on natural zeolite offers animal feed additive (for livestock and poultry), mineral additive to livestock bedding, soil conditioners and fertilizers (for vegetables and fruits and garden) looks for experienced agents or distributors within the EU and outside in order to reach the cooperation agreement.

Offer description

The company from Eastern Slovakia has 30 years of experience in the research and applications of zeolite in agriculture, especially in the feed industry and garden industry. The company produces a range of high quality zeolite products for agriculture including the ecological agriculture. 1. The animal feed additive is used primarily as a technological substance that regulates the water regime and functions to bind ammonia, bioamines, toxins and metabolites and as an anti-caking agent. It is a 100 % natural material – a silicate that is free from moulds and bacteria (a danger in products of plant origin). It is a safe product for animal nutrition: regular quality checks (heavy metals, dioxins, PCB, microbiology), free from GMOs and products of animal origin. Animal feed additive application: a) Direct incorporation into the complete feed mixture b) Production of premixes c) Technological additive / anti-caking agent d) Stabilizer of pH of the rumen / digestive tract e) Treatment / prevention of diarrhea f) Additive to colostrum / calves milk 2. The zeolit mineral additive to livestock bedding provides enhanced absorption of water, ammonia and gas. Thanks the properties of the zeolite it ensures less odor, less noxious gases, reduced burden on the environment and better conditions /welfare/ animal on the farm. The product is 100 % natural material – zeolite. It is a hydrated aluminosilicate of alkaline metals and alkaline soil metals. Its unique structure of atoms forms a network of pores and cavities which have the capacity to retain liquid, gaseous, and solid substances. 3. The zeolit soil conditioners for gardens (fruit and vegetables) aerate soil and improve soil hydration and nutrient retention. Soil conditioner application – acidic soils, heavy clay soils, sandy soils; as a component for substrates – replanting, hydroponic growing, fertiliser mixtures, fertiliser production, lawn and golf green sanding; regeneration/re-cultivation of contaminated soils – conditioning and detoxication. 4. The unique properties of zeolite are used in the production of slow-release fertilisers and in the production of soil substrates used when laying sod or planting gardens and in the creation of modern green roofs. The company is looking for agents, distributors etc. under the commercial or distribution agreement from EU and outside.

Innovations and advantages

Advantages of zeolite products: 1. The feed additive for livestock based on zeolite supports growth, improves the immune systems and ensures the good health of farm livestock, 2. The zeolit based additive to livestock bedding increases the absorptive capacity of the bedding. Animal bedding with added natural zeolite effectively removes ammonia, which is a major environmental load and has a negative impact on the health of agricultural herd animals. Animal bedding thereby ensures reduced incidence of attacks of musculoskeletal diseases in animals and improves their overall condition. Animal bedding intake capacity is increased thanks to the added zeolite product, which decreases moisture levels in the environment and improves the consistency of animal bedding. This also produces an ecological fertilizer as the natural zeolite is also used in ecological agricultural production. 3. The zeolit soil conditioners aerate soil and improve soil hydration and nutrient retention, The product is in the list of materials permitted for use in ecological agricultural production. Owing to its unique structure, this soil additive exhibits excellent ion-exchange properties ( ion-exchange capability1.2-1.5 mol/kg = 120-150 meq/100 g), enables reversible hydration and dehydration, binds and slowly releases nutrients (N, K, Ca, Mg) into the soil, makes effective use of fertiliser nutrients (NPK fertilisers), positively controls soil pH, and facilitates root system growth, prevents nutrients from being washed away into ground water resources / protects ground water resources (environmental advantages). 4. The zeolite fertilizer has affirmative effects on the quantity of yield, ensures effective growth, vitality and also higher immunity against fungal diseases.

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for experienced partners (distributors, wholesalers, agents) from agriculture specialised in distribution/sale of agricultural products. The company wants to expand its network of distribution partners in order to reach new customers in new markets.


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