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Slovak company is looking for agents/distributors for its zeolite products designed for environmental applications e.g. in swimming ponds, water, air and gas treatment, biogas production, etc.

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The Slovak company mining and processing of natural zeolite and manufacturing natural zeolite based products designed for environmental use in natural swimming ponds, for drinking water and waste water treatment, in air and gas treatment, biogas production and other areas is looking for experienced agents or distributors within EU and outside in order to reach the cooperation agreement.

Offer description

The company from Slovakia (and its predecessors) has over 60 years of experience with the processing of natural materials. The products from zeolite are, thanks to the specific properties of zeolite as such, particularly suitable for filtering and as a sorption material. Zeolite adsorbs dioxins and heavy metals as well as unpleasant odours. The company produces a range of high quality zeolite based products for environmental as follows: 1. Zeolite based product designed for drinking water and waste water treatment and recycling supports biological activity of the cleaning process. As industries produce many kinds of waste water, strict legislation requires more effective methods of water treatment with regards to the natural environment and that product is a perfect environmental friendly solution. 2. Zeolite based product for ponds, swimming pools and aquariums filtration uses zeolit as filter medium. Pond filtration with natural zeolite captures pollutants, prevents the formation of algae, and captures ammonia from fish excretions. It is used as a substitute for silica sand by mechanical water treatment and ponds filtration. In combination with other materials, such as coagulation multilayer filter inset for the effect of reducing ammonium in mixing the aggregate – coagulation treatment of water. If natural swimming biopool / ponds filtration is based solely on using water plant properties, it requires 70 % of the pool area with a mere 30 % left to be used for swimming. However, if you combine zeolite based filtration medium and water plants, as many as 70% can be used for swimming, the remaining 30 % is reserved for filtration plants. Zeolite based natural filtration medium is keeping pool water crystal clear and it is capable of adsorbing a number of harmful substances from water. 3. Zeolite based air and gas filtration is used in flue gas cleaning and cleaning of fabric filters used in cleaning of exhaust air. It builds on the adsorption properties of natural zeolite. Sulphur compounds are formed during the cellulose production process and may escape into the atmosphere, where they are a source of pollution. These are primarily sulphur compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan, and sulphur dioxide. 4. Zeolite based product for biogas production assists the biological process and increases efficiency of biogas stations. It improves the efficiency of biogas stations, it helps to increase the reproduction of microorganisms, increases the production of biogas from organic solids in wastewater treatment plants, which can have significant economic benefits. 5. Zeolite product for concentration and sludge hygienisation - using zeolit for concentration and sludge hygienisation prevents the creation of an expanded sludge, reduces sludge index, improves the separation of the sludge from clean water and improves the sedimentation properties of the sludge. The company is looking for agents, distributorsetc. focusing on products, that help and improve enviroment under the commercial or distribution agreement from EU and outside. They want to expand its products in other countries, that think ecologically.

Innovations and advantages

1. The purpose of dosing zeolite into water treatment is to expand the biological activity of the cleaning process and water purification (be that waste water, technological water, municipal water), improvement of sludge sedimentation characteristics and quality of treated wastewater. 2. Natural zeolite based filtration material for ponds, swimming pools and aquariums helps maintain a high water quality in ponds owing to its porosity and absorbing surface properties. The product aimed at ponds filtration is an excellent ion-exchanger which releases Mg, Ca, and K ions into water and attracts NH4 ions. It is also utilised in planting filtration plants, i.e. it adsorbs nitrates and other harmful substances from water. 3. Zeolite based air and gas filtration has, thanks the natural zeolite, the capacity to retain gaseous substances and adsorb heavy metals, dioxins, and furans, and is uses as well for gas dehydration, sorption of acetylene, carbon dioxide, sulphuric compositions, ammonia, for air separation and others.

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for partners (distributors, wholesalers, and agents) specialized in distribution/sale of products for environmental application experienced on the local markets. The company wants to expand its network of distribution partners in order to reach new customers in new markets. The company is interested in long term cooperation.


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