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Signature wines producers association is looking for distributors specialised in HORECA channels

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Signature wines known as Colleiteiro wines, a traditional figure of Galicia´s (Spain) countryside, refers to a particular type of Galician winery, which is characterized by producing less than 60,000 liters of wine per year only from their own grapes, using exclusive Galician grape varieties from the Ribeiro DO (Denomitation of Origin), the oldest in Galicia and one of the oldest in Spain. Distribution services or commercial agency agreement are sought for this exclusive and limited production.

Offer description

In most Colleiteiro's wineries, it is the owner of the winery who is the responsible for the entire production cycle, from taking care of the vineyard, including winemaking. In the wine world a Colleiteiro is similar to the concepts of Terroir or signature wines, and it is regulated by law. In the 2015 harvest there were 37 Colleiteiros enrolled in the Ribeiro DO, which represent the 10,70% of the total production of Kg of grapes. Colleteiro producers association is looking for distributors specialised in HORECA channels to increase its market share all over the world, taking into consideration that these wines hold good positions already in 4 continents. The type of cooperation sought is either a commercial agency or distribution services agreement. There is a portfolio which contains all colleteiro wines available for distributors, and consolidated shipments are usually used by colleteiros.

Innovations and advantages

There is a specific law that regulates precisely the colleiteiro figure and they belong to the Ribeiro DO: -A Colleiteiro can only produce wine from grapes grown therefore he cannot buy grapes or bulk wine to increase its production. -A Colleiteiro cannot produce more than 60,000 liters of wine a year . -A Colleiteiro can sell their grapes and/or wine to other wineries, and/or sell the wine bottled under its own brand. - Colleteiro wines have alcohol levels no higher than 13%. - Colleteiro wines are produced only by using Galician grape varieties. For white wines: treixadura, albariño, albilla, torrontés, lado, macabeo, godello, loureira. For red wines: sousón, brancellao, caiño longo, ferrón, mencía, garnacha tintorera. - Colleteiro wines are not monovarietal which means each one of them is unique and exclusive. These wines hold a good reputation all over the world, and are highly appreciated by wines experts. The joint production of the total of producers is only about 750000 bottles per year.

Market application codes

07003001 Wine and liquors
07005003 Hotels and resorts
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Distributors must be oriented to high-end wines and specialized in HORECA channels.


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