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Serbian company offers service agreements for certification, testing, inspection, and training

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A Serbian testing and certifying company provides services in compliance with a number of certification marks that are recognized worldwide and in particular European standardization system (New Approach Directives) requirements. The company is offering testing, inspection, certification, and training under a services agreement to enterprises under the EU technical legislation for CE (conformity) marking. Potential partners are importers or the electrical and machinery industry.

Offer description

The Serbian company is notified body for testing and certification. The company is specialized in assisting the enterprises to fulfill the requirements of the regulatory framework and the directives of the European commission. The company offers testing and certification services under the European technical legislation for CE marking. In addition, they are the accredited or recognized laboratory for a number of certification marks that are recognized worldwide : Ecodesign (EU), for Russian Federation with customs union, Ukraine, MCS - Great Britain, North Ireland and the Isle of Man, KC-s and S-mark - Korean Certification, UIAA – testing according to the complete range of the standards of International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, DVGW - Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas und Wasserfaches, CSA Group – Canadian Standar Association, and finally Serbian - SZU. In particular as the notified body (NB) 1015, they assess conformity to following 18 EU directives: (1) Construction products (CPR) 305/2011, (2) Gas appliances (GAR) 2016/426, (3) Personal protective equipment (PPE) 2016/425, (4) Low voltage el. devices (LVD) 2014/35/EU, (5) Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) 2014/30/EU, (6) Hot-water boiler efficiency (BED) 92/42/EEC, (7) Gas appliances (GAD) 2009/142/EC, (8) Pressure equipment (PED) 2014/68/EU, (9) Transportable pressure equipment (TPED) 2010/35/EU, (10) Simple pressure vessels (SPVD) 2014/29/EU, (11) Machinery (MD) 2006/42/EC, (12) Lifts (LIFTS) 2014/33/EU, (13) Personal protective equipment (PPE) 89/686/EEC, (14) Cableway installations designed to carry people (CAB) 2000/9/EC, (15) Toys(TOYS) 2009/48/EC, (16) Noise emissions (NED) 2000/14/EC, (17) Minimum safety and health requirements for the use of work equipment by workers at work 89/655/EEC, and (18) Peaceful utilization of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation 8/1997 Coll 309/200. The company is offering services agreements to enterprises from Europe and third countries. Along with the services offered by the company, it provides consultancy to the enterprises to increase their competitiveness, enhance security, and improve guaranty for the quality of their products. The company is offering its services through consultancy service agreement for documents preparation in assessing conformity (CE mark), testing, inspection, certification, and training. The company has knowledge of applicable and required standard for specific products to be offered on the market. The potential partnerships could be with manufacturers of construction products, retailers and importers of electronic equipment, heating equipment manufacturers, machinery and electrical equipment within services agreements.

Innovations and advantages

- Integrated services with sustainable quality, - Comprehensiveness of the services (both for EU and third country standards), - Professionals with experience more than 10 years, - Optimal time of services, - Flexible pricing policy, - A number of testing laboratories - construction products testing laboratory and for testing of machinery, equipment and devices, - The company is spin off of academic institution and can utilize its facilities and expertize pool of its staff, - International partnerships with other Serbian and foreign organizations and institutes.

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09006001 Quality Standards

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09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Type of partner sought

The potential partners could be manufacturers or importers of construction products, machinery and electrical equipment in framework of service agreements. These are enterprises from EU and third countries which need to increase their export competitiveness and internationalization potential. The potential partner starting its export to foreign markets could also receive a comprehensive training on worldwide certification and marks.



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