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Serbian augmented reality software company seeks partners for commercial agency agreement and services agreement

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A Serbian IT company specialized in augmented reality research and software development for all major software and hardware platforms. The company offers software solutions with disruptive potential in various industries. The company seeks partners for services and commercial agency agreements in deploying augmented reality and/or representing the company and acquiring customers in following sectors: industrial maintenance, automotive, household, marketing, retails, etc.

Offer description

The Serbian company specializes in augmented reality software development and consultancy services. The company experts have 4 years working experience in the innovative and emerging field of augmented reality software development with disruptive potential over a number of industries. The company was founded in 2015 and since then has been active in global markets, e.g. USA, Portugal, Israel and Serbia. The company experts have broad practical experience in augmented reality software development, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge in related research and development, technology possibilities and limitations. This enables it to provide the optimal software solutions crafted for specific customer needs and related use-case scenarios. The company offers world-class augmented reality software solutions for all major software platforms: Android OS, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows etc; and major hardware platforms including but not limited to: mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, smart-glasses, smart-watches and virtual reality devices. The services offered include idea phase support, software requirements specification, agile software development, augmented content development, software verification, deployment and maintenance. Experts in the company had successfully developed innovative augmented reality CAD model based algorithms and software solutions for major automotive industry corporations, including the currently world biggest car manufacturer. The company offers augmented reality technology that can be readily utilized to develop high quality software for maintenance of large and complex objects, such as ships, aircraft, oil-rigs etc. The augmented reality can allow workers to localize themselves within the object (e.g using image recognition, CAD model recognition, QR codes etc.) and then based on the positioning information load the list of available maintenance scenarios applicable on the selected location. This approach can partially eliminate the need for extensive browsing through the printed media, decrease worker response time, facilitate training, and provide rich 3D data when needed. Similarly, in the household appliances and electronic devices industry, augmented reality can be used to build innovative software solutions for helping users understand device functionality and usage, and potentially help user self-maintain the device. Besides these benefits, the augmented reality software in this use-case can be also used as a strong marketing tool. The company seeks partners for services and commercial agency agreement interested in deploying augmented reality and/or representing the company in, but not limited to: computer aided maintenance and instructions software for automotive industry; ship-building and maintenance industry; household appliances and electronics industries; oil and gas industry; for retail sector the company offers development of augmented reality catalogues, virtual wardrobes etc.; for tourism industry it offers software based tools for effective marketing and on-the-spot customer engagement; for furniture manufacturing and retail industry it offers software that enables potential buyers to place virtual furniture in their homes; the company offers innovative marketing solutions for high-end real estate marketing industry; in education industry it offers development of interactive solutions for captivating user imagination and enhancing the learning process; for marketing industry the company is offering expertise in augmented reality software development with goal of reaching new audiences deploying cutting edge technology; for printed media publishers the company is offering development of software solutions that enable adding captivating digital experiences to the physical magazines, books etc.; for museums and art galleries the company is offering its expertise in enriching exhibitions with tailor made augmented reality content.

Innovations and advantages

- The company experts have theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in research, development and deployment of augmented reality technology (2012 onward); - The company experts have 4 years of experience in the augmented reality disruptive technology research and development, including development of innovative algorithms and end-user applications for various industries (2012 onward); - The company experts have 6 years of experience in computer vision research and software development (2010 onward); - The company experts have working experience in augmented reality software development including development of innovative algorithms camera 3D localization and tracking algorithms (2012-2014), marketing industry (2012 onward), printed media industry (2012 onward), pharmaceutical industry (2013), software applications for automotive industry (2012 onward), household appliances industry (2013 onward) etc. - The company experts have been working on breakthrough augmented reality projects with three major car manufacturers, including currently world-biggest car company by number of units sold (2012-2014). - The company experts have experience in developing augmented reality applications for assisting users in household appliances maintenance (2013). - The company experts have been involved in development of highly innovative CAD model based tracking algorithms that enable augmented reality technology deployment in the challenging industrial maintenance use-cases (2012-2014). - The company has been involved in augmented reality software development for international and national marketing industry, museums and tourism industry since 2012. - The company experts have developed world-first augmented reality application for smart-watches (2014). - The company has been actively working with clients from various markets (e.g. USA, Portugal, Israel, Serbia), and has been successfully engaging in 6 projects (2015 onward).

Market application codes

02002001 CAD/CAM, CAE systems
02002008 3D
02007019 Computer-aided instructions
06001004 Equipment and instrumentation
08002005 Machine vision software and systems

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Type of partner sought

Type: industry and university Activity: company specialized in computer aided maintenance and instructions software, automotive industry, ship-building industry, oil and gas industry, household devices and appliances industry, medical devices manufacturers, company specialized in deploying augmented reality solutions for marketing industry, retail industry, education industry, tourism industry, museums, and galleries. Role: in services agreement it is expected from the partner to provide the general idea and list of use-cases in which partner company plans to deploy augmented reality software. It is also expected to provide input during the high level software specification phase. The partner is also providing timely feedback on specified software development milestones, in order to achieve high level of software quality and meet all partner company preferences. In commercial agency agreement, it is expected from the partner to market augmented reality software and consultancy services, actively engage with the potential customers, work together with the company and customers during project negotiations, high level software specification, payment terms negotiations, and provide legal advisory support specific to the local market.


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