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Seed production company for agro industry seeks distributors

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An innovative company from the south-west of Poland, specialising in production different seeds for agro industry is looking for a distribution partner. The company is one of the largest breeding and seed production companies in Poland. Their primary fields of operation are the innovative and conservative cultivation of agricultural crops, seed replenishing, distribution and marketing of seeds, and assorted other agricultural activities and services.

Offer description

A Polish company located on the south-west of Poland (Lower Silesia region), is specialised in farming as well as production and trade of seeds of fodder beet, spring and winter cereals, maize, fodder, lawn grasses and small-seed legume plants. Their mission is increasing the efficiency of crop production through continuous supply of new plant varieties with improved agricultural and grain quality parameters. The company's facilities are all furnished with modern equipment to enable the implementation of advanced methods for farming and breeding that ensure the advancement of those areas. The facilities are equipped with modern, specialised laboratories including technological and plant IVF laboratories, greenhouses and specialised machinery for field work and processing of seeds. Due to long-standing experience and expertise in farming and breeding, the company patents new plant varieties each year. Until this time they have patented 91 varieties of 24 agricultural plant species, which are new-generation varieties that are high-yield, disease-resistant, well adapted to the changing climate and soil conditions and are suitable for food processing purposes and as animal feed. They are highly successful in the seed market home and abroad, meeting the diverse requirements of their customers and many of the invented varieties have been awarded prizes at international agricultural fairs and exhibitions. In addition to the sale of seeds, the company also provides fertilizers, plant protection products, agricultural and horticultural production articles, and seedlings of trees as well as fruit-bearing and ornamental bushes for tree nurseries Nowadays company's current market is seed production and selling its products in Poland and abroad. The company is looking for distributors with experience in the industry, to sell their seeds directly to the agricultural sector. Some crops seeds that can be offer: corn, barley, wheat, rye, potatoes, bit ruts, small seed legumes, lawn grasses, fodder grasses.

Innovations and advantages

- large scale of different kind of agricultural seeds in commercial offer, - innovative and well equipped R&D laboratories to provide the highest quality of seeds, - high quality of offered seeds: high-yield, disease-resistant, well adapted to the changing climate and soil conditions, - new seeds varieties are patented every year, - support from experts in plant cultivation.

Technology keywords

08001004 Food Processing
08001005 Food Technology

Market application codes

05008002 Food and feed ingredients
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for the partners for business cooperation ready to become a sales representative on their local markets. The company is open to sign a distribution services agreement. The potential cooperation partner should have an experience in agro industry area, especially in crops seeds distribution.


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