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Searching for representatives for biodiesel produced from waste materials

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An Israeli company, which has developed an enzymatic method to convert UCO (used cooking oil) & other fats into biodiesel, is looking for representatives of the final biodiesel. Advantages over the existing biodiesel include: a lot of energy supplied by the product, dramatic reduction in carbon emissions life cycle, much lower price compared with conventional biodiesel etc. Looking for commercial agency, distribution services & license agreement.

Offer description

The company offers to the market the developed effective product - biodiesel from waste materials. A chemical process - natural oils react with alcohol resulting in methyl esters – is commonly called biodiesel. Such a reaction requires a catalyst and heat. The company has developed an enzymatic system catalyst to provide the above mentioned reactions in a single step process. The offered biodiesel made from reclaimed oils has essential advantages over those on the market (1-st generation fuels made of virgin oils). The company is looking for its representatives, agents, distributors to offer biodiesel to local markets. The partners may come from fuel / biofuel production industry; waste treatment plants; industries using energy supply via diesel, oil (electric supply, power stations, mining, agricultural industry), automotive industry etc.; they may be free lancers or entrepreneurs experienced in the field and markets. The company has been on the market since 2009 and is working in high-tech for automotive field since 2012. The company is looking for commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement & license agreement.

Innovations and advantages

An enzymatic system (concept & working body) used in manufacturing the biodiesel is world new. The biodiesel made of waste greases in the developed technology has the following advantages: 1. Provides for 7 times more energy than supplied to the process. 2. Causes 86% reduction in carbon emissions life cycle as compared to petro diesel work. 3. A significant improvement from the 1-st generation biodiesel, which provides for only 54% reduction in carbon emissions life cycle . 3. No impact on either food crop prices or need for extra farm land thus avoiding the negative externalities of the 1-st -generation biofuel. 4. Is much cheaper (also due to waste greases) than a usual biodiesel, which feedstock costs account for 70 - 80% of the total production costs. 5. Prevents the sewage system from risks and costs associated with entering waste greases there etc.

Market application codes

06002001 Oil, gas and coal
06003009 Biomass and Biofuels
06004002 Heavy oil / shales
06004003 Other Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOI)
06007001 Other energy production

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Area of partner's activity

-the partners are from - industry, trade organizations, technical centers -specific area of expertise of the partner sought. - manufacturer of biodiesel, fuel manufacturers interested to complete their product line, waste oil collectors, municipalities in need to solve the problem of brown grease (and thus to proceed it into biodiesel), the experienced in the field private entrepreneurs, distributors, representatives, agents etc. -the tasks that the partner sought would be expected to undertake - representation of the Israeli company based on marketing / sale the biodiesel in local markets in the frame of various agreements like commercial agency, distribution services & license agreement.


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