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Sales and distribution partner sought for solar reflective and waterproof roof coating paint preventing the heating-up of buildings

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A German SME specialised in innovative coating solutions has developed a solar reflective and waterproof roof coating that prevents the heating-up of buildings, vehicles etc. and which reduces the costs for air conditioning considerably. It also increases the efficiency of solar collectors and offers protection against rain water and material fatigue caused by UV radiation. The SME looks for distribution, commercial agency or franchise agreements but is also open to other types of co-operation.

Offer description

The German SME is was founded as a spin-off for innovative speciality coatings from a company with more than 10 years of experience in the coating and paint industry. The SME operates globally with their own sales offices in Germany, Poland and an extensive distribution network in Europe. Especially in the summer direct solar radiation leads to an immense heating of flat roofs (especially in the case of metal or bitumen roofs). As a result the temperature inside the buildings is rising as well and air conditioning becomes necessary which causes considerable costs and energy. The German SME has therefore developed a solar reflective and waterproof roof coating paint especially for flat roofs but also for other applications. The coat will reflect up to 90% of solar energy and reduce the heat up of the building by up to 40°C. This saves energy for air-conditioning inside the building and protects the roof against material fatigue caused by UV radiation. Furthermore the coating also protects against heat expansion and seals the roof against rain water. Finally the coating also improves the efficiency of solar collectors installed on roofs as the collectors are less efficient at very high temperatures. Focus is on industrial flat roofs but the coating can also be applied e.g. to vehicles like mobile homes or refrigerated vehicles that have to stand for some time. The SME is mainly looking for partners from industry or distribution partners with up to 500 employees with expertise in the coating business and a good knowledge of the market. They should have market access to the relevant target groups such as e.g. construction companies, solar module producers, producers of roof modules or roof coating companies. The co-operation could be in form of a distribution or franchise agreement as well as a commercial agency agreement with the agent representing the SME's roof coating solutions. The required sales & distribution partners, should be able/willing to implement the technologies in their markets (e.g. industrial partners to enlarge their portfolio or trade partners to use existing structures).

Innovations and advantages

- Solar reflective roof paint, which reflects up to 90 % of solar energy (heat, UV, radiation) - excellent waterproof properties - sealing of the roof - reduces the heat-up of the roof by up to 40 °C, thus the interior buildings will stay much cooler - reduction of energy costs for air-conditioning - excellent in combination with solar modules, esp. the new bifacial modules (increase of 25 % efficiency) - Solar Reflectance Indicaotr (SRI): 102

Technology keywords

02002002 Coatings
02007015 Properties of Materials, Corrosion/Degradation
04007001 Energy management
04007004 Thermal insulation

Market application codes

06006001 Thermal insulation
08001007 Coatings and adhesives manufactures

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Area of partner's activity

-Type of partner sought: Sales and distribution partners, franchising partner. -Specific area of activity of the partner: Industry/ trade with know-how in coating business, excellent knowledge of the market, market access to the target groups such as construction companies, roof module producers, solar module producers, roof coatings companies. - Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: The partners should implement the technologies in their markets, e.g. industrial partners to enlarge their portfolio or trade partners to use existing structures.


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