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Russian transport and forwarding company is searching for partners under services agreement.

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The Russian transport company providing services in international and domestic carriages by all types of transport is searching for partners abroad within the services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian forwarding company, with a branch in Ufa, provides a full range of services of cargo transportation of any complexity and weight by auto, air, rail and sea types of transport around the world since 1995. Regional network of the company’s branches in the cargo-forming centers increases permanently. The geography of presence of the company allows to optimize routes for transportation and decrease customers' costs. Own vehicle fleet has more than 300 trains composed of state-of-the-art truck tractors and tilt trailers with loading volume up to 108 m3. The company carries out export and import transportation of standard and nonstandard (hazardous, heavy-weight, high-value) cargo. In addition to cargo delivery the company provides the following services: loading/unloading, warehousing, customs clearance of cargo. The company provides international and domestic transportation: • Transportation of modular cargo from any country of the world, • Transportation of modular cargo within the Russian Federation, • Road transportation of cargo, • Air transportation, • Rail transportation, • Sea and river transportation, • Multimodal transportation, • Transportations of large-size, heavy and high-risk cargo. Additional services: • Customs formalities, • Warehousing services and warehousing handling, • Insurance services, • Consulting services, • Repairs of freight transport. The company is interested in cooperation within the services agreement.with the partners from manufacturing and/or selling production companies, which are in need of cargo delivery and/or customs formalities, insurance; private individuals who may require cargo delivery to CIS countries and/or abroad (including customs formalities); transportation companies, which are in need of vehicle fleet services. Expected outcome of the cooperation is a broader company’s client database, enter to the foreign market.

Innovations and advantages

The company is a member of Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP) and of the Freight Forwarders Association of Russia (ARE) since 2007. The status of a customs carrier and a customs representative, an extensive network of strategic partners and holding companies in Russia and abroad, consolidation warehouses and own delivery lines of modular cargo from Europe and China to regions of Russia let provide complex services. Responsibility of both Road Carrier and Forwarding Agent is insured for € 1 million on each insurance case of mutual insurance limited company. Cars comply with ecological Euro-5 standards and are admitted to high-risk consignment carriages. The quality of the services is approved by the certificate of compliance with the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 external audit accreditation, conducted by Lloyd’s register quality assurance (Lloyd’s register, Great Britain).

Technology keywords

02008001 Air Transport
02008002 Intermodal Transport
02008003 Logistics
02008004 Railway Transport
02008005 Road Transport

Market application codes

09001001 Airlines
09001002 Trucking
09001004 Mail and package shipment

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Type of the partner: SMEs, large companies. Sphere of activity: manufacturing and selling of various types of goods, transportation. Role: order of the company’s services.

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