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Russian software developer for taxi sector seeks agents and offers license agreements

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A Russian IT company specialising in the development of software with a flexible setting which allows to automate the dispatch and registration for taxi businesses, is looking for partners abroad to conclude commercial agency and license agreements.

Offer description

The company from Izhevsk region is established in 2003 and specializes in production of software for automation of dispatch taxis and taxi companies. The company develops the following software: - an integrated automation system of taxi service. This solution enabled many dispatch services all over Russia and CIS to reject from paper log keeping and to pass to high rate and quality of service. - Internet-window system which includes the whole set of equipment required for successful operation of dispatch and private taxi. The system will assist to purchase a suitable taxometer model, special equipment for telephony, checks and many others. - Information resource law on taxi - it is created to provide the required information to all interested in the information in the sphere of legislation and legal changes in taxi area. All the latest news on adoption and implementation of federal and regional laws are daily published on the website. Users may also see the legal map, share the opinion and discuss news. - Intellectual property service is launched in response to the adoption of the law on taxi imposing new responsibility on the taxi driver - the obligation to pay the taxes. Using this website the taxi drivers will be able to fill in all the documents required for tax and bookkeeping reports automatically. Selected types of cooperation are commercial agency agreement and license agreement. Under commercial agency agreement the company expects to create a network of agents from IT sector who will present the company’s products in the federal and international markets. Under license agreement the company expects to sell the licenses on using the software to the interested persons from the ICT or transport sector. The expected result is the market expansion.

Innovations and advantages

The company participates in regional all-Russian events sponsored by NTC (national taxi council). Now the company has over 2,000 customers in Russia and neighbouring countries (Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan). The software developed by the company enables: - to track the drivers’ movement that excludes simple and idle running; - the special application for drivers will exclude using of radiostations; - minimum bookkeeping; - fast order processing; - fast communications with drivers and customers. - The software can be implemented on any language. - The software registration is not need. - Technical support twenty four hour in English and Russian languages means the client can ask any question about using the software with help of phone call or website. - Demo version. - Free upgrading for the software. - SMS-report about taxi ride cost. - SMS-order possibility. - Adaptive interface (the interface is changing in depends of client's language). - Possibility of using an Ingit maps, city guide and Polish format maps. - Telephony bases on Asterisk and Oktell.

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Type of partner sought

Type partner: SMEs. Activity: companies rendering the taxi services. The partner’s role under the commercial agency agreement - represent of the Russian company’s products on the international markets. The partner’s role under the license agreement - the partner will buy the rights on using the software.

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