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Russian producer of wood pellets is looking for distributors and agents.

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The Russian company specializes in the production of lumber and wood pellets and is looking for partners in the EU countries under commercial agency and distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company from Smolensk, established in 2015, specializes in the production of lumber and wood processing. Currently final adjustments are made to launch the automated wood pellets production line that will operate at full capacity in September 2016. The company operates at the local market and has clients in Belarus. The company uses European-made equipment that allows to manufacture wood pellets in large volume. Pellets are produced from natural wood without any chemical blending compounds thus providing a low percentage of ash content (less than 0,7%). The company manufactures 6mm and 8 mm grey pellets from pine and spruce trees with small additions of birch and larch. The final product comes in 1 000 kg big bags and fully complies with the European DIN/DIN Plus standard. The product has no expiry date provided it is not exposed to humidity. Wood pellets heating systems are the most effective ones due to the fact that pellets generate more heat while burning as compared to other types of fuel. As an example: the amount of heat generated as a result of burning of 1 ton of wood pellets equals to the amount of heat produced by burning of 1,5 tons of solid wood, 500 cubic meters of natural gas or 500 litres of diesel fuel. The company is looking for partners in the EU countries specializing in the trade of different types of fuel (as well as construction companies, wholesalers) to conclude commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement. Under commercial agency agreement the company is looking for partners who will promote its products to wholesale companies and mass retailers and represent the company’s interests in Europe. Within the framework of the distribution services agreement the potential partner will buy company’s products and ensure the distribution of these products in European countries. The expected result of this cooperation is launching of the company’s products at the European market and increasing of the company profit by means of active market promotion.

Innovations and advantages

- state-of-the –art automated production line with European equipment - no artificial glues or chemicals are used in the production process ensuring the environmentally friendly products - wood pellets measure up to the European “DIN/DIN plus” standard for domestic and industrial applications - convenient geographic locations, close to the EC border - the company premises are in the vicinity of the highway and railroad, so the transportation costs can be substantially reduced.

Technology keywords

02007019 Lightweight materials
07002005 Wood Products

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09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

Type of Desirable Partner: SME, large companies, individual entrepreneurs. Field of activity: companies specializing in the trade of different types of fuel, construction companies, retail chains, wholesalers. The partner’s role: the partner will purchase the company’s products to use for its own purposes or further reselling under distribution services agreement. The partner’s role under commercial agency agreement - presentation and promotion of the Russian company’s products at the European market.



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