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Russian producer of timber is looking for partners in EU to conclude distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement.

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The Russian company's specializing in production of birch and softwood lumber, veneering wood, fire wood, edged board, unedged board is looking for partners in EU to conclude distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Udmurt Republic is engaged in production of birch and softwood lumber is looking for partners to market products in Europe. The company was founded in 2000. Production facilities are located in the village of Yagan of Malopurginsky District of the Udmurt Republic. The company rents 4000 hectares of forest uder agreement with Ministry of foresty of Udmurt Republic for 10 years. The company produces birch and softwood lumber, veneering wood, fire wood, edged board, unedged board The main products of the company are: veneer logs (birch veneer materials); birch lumber of 20*100 mm section; pallet blank of 200*100*1200mm section produced from all wood types. To produce the pallet blank, the company uses substandard birch lumber and birch fire wood. Wood moisture content is 50-60% (natural moisture). Рroduction assets of the company:harvester timberjack; logging machineries; logging truks "ural" with hydraulic manipulator; 3 sawmills with: sawmills r-68, multiple saws ts8D8, disk vertical saw machine kara. In 2012, the company installed a wood-splitting line. Since that time the company has been selling two-meter and split firewood. Shipment volumes of firewood and slabs used for heating vary depends on the season. The Russian company is looking for partners from construction, furniture, trade sectors to conclude distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement. Within the frames of distrbution services agreement the company is planned to sale products to partner for further distribution at the market, the partner should have the connections with furniture factories, wooden house building companies, hardware stories. Under commercial agency agreement the company is planned to create a trade commishioners network, which will present the products at the international market. Desired result of these types of cooperation - developed dealer network, retail network, wholesale network. The company is going to delivery products by railway transport, own transport. The aim is a long-term cooperation with industrial companies that use packaging or trade channels for large score of supply.

Innovations and advantages

The company have been doing wood conversion for 16 years. Company's experience contains working with both Russian partners and European partners (from Estonia). The company has necessary modern Russian, Finnish and American equipment for felling, timber harvesting, bucking and slicing of wood. The company produced 250 cubic metres of edged boards and 600 cubic metres of unedged boards per month. Ecological cleanliness of timber.All products meet state standards. The main differential characteristic of the company is the rent forest located in two forest growth zones: taiga (fir trees) and mixed coniferous-broadleafed (lime trees and birch) forest. The company produces edged and unedged birch and softwood lumber all year round, moreover, the manufacturer works without cutting the volumes in off-season.

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07002004 Silviculture, Forestry

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09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: SMEs, industry. Field of activity: construction, furniture, trade. The partner’s role under distribution service agreement - obtain the company's product for further distribution to the international markets. The partner’s role under commercial agency agreement - purchase of the company’s products for own usage and for further retail or wholesale reselling.

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