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Russian producer of soft stuffed toys and kids’ knitwear seeks distributors

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A Russian company specialised in the production of anti-stress and soft toys from world famous cartoons and kids’ knitted products is looking for European partners in the framework of a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Smolensk specializes in the production of soft toys. This is one of the largest toy factories in Russia that has been successfully operating since 1997. High quality, safety, original design – these are distinctive features of the company’s products. Currently the product range of the company exceeds 600 items: soft stuffed toys; souvenirs; educational toys; rocking toys; character clothes; soft children furniture; anti-stress toys; toys under the company brand name; the licensed product lines of toys and souvenirs themed on such popular animated movies are well-known in Russia and all over the world; children’s knitwear (a wide range of shirts, crawlers, creepers, hats, socks in sizes from 0 to 3 years that come in a variety of colors); The high quality raw materials used in production measure up to international standards and are totally safe. All products are certified in accordance with GOST and ISO 9001:2008. The company products are marketed in 83 regions of the RF and in the CIS. The up-to-date technological equipment is used in the production process. The new automated fabric cutting line ensures 100% quality operation, the stuffing process is also fully automated and allows to smoothly distribute the staffing inside a toy making it light and fluffy. The company is a frequent participant of Russian and international specialized exhibitions, and has been awarded numerous diplomas and awards for the high quality children’s products: • Golden medals and grand prix of the international exhibition “igrushki i igry” (toys and games) in the nomination “the best products for kids” in 2007-2015, Moscow • First place diplomas for the best consumption quality awarded by the “international exhibition of products for kids and teenagers – mir detstva” (world of childhood) in 2008-2016, Moscow. • Diplomas in the competition “100 top Russian products” in 2008, 2010. • a laureate of the national award for the best children product “golden teddy bear” in the nomination “the best licensed product”, 2016 • Quality Trademark “The best for Children” (a voluntary program for quality certification of children’s products) Today the company is perceived as a reliable business partner both in Russia and abroad. The company is interested in finding European partners from the toys, children’s souvenirs and knitwear sectors for the manufacture of children’s products to conclude thedistribution services agreement. Within the framework of this cooperation the company is ready to customize and produce any of the above-mentioned product ranges at the partner’s request with the aim to distribute it on the partner's side. The company is also interested in signing the distribution services agreement with potential partners that have TV distribution rights for the animated films and cartoons to sell the products line in Europe.

Innovations and advantages

- All products are certified in accordance with GOST and requirements of the Eurasian Economic Community Customs Union; - only ecologically friendly materials (textiles, artificial fur, thermal transfer paper, ink, expanded polystyrene) that conform to the European quality standards are used in the production process; - a multi-level technical control at all stages of the production: making-up of the sample and verification of its compliance to the original sketch; control of the trial lot production and verification of its compliance to the original sketch is done by senior designer, marketing department and quality control department; verification of the compliance of the finished product to the original sketch is done by the quality control department; - all toys are assesed by psychologists and educational experts; - complete in-house production followed by the closely monitored delivery; - application of the new staffing technology allows to produce light and extremely soft toys with uniform distribution of the staffing material; - ISO 9001:2008 effective since 2012; - the licensed product lines of well-known brands from popular animated cartoons. One product line that is becoming extremely popular in Europe is themed on the story of friendship between the girl and the bear.

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02007018 Advanced Textile Materials

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07001003 Toys and electronic games
07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Type of partner sought

Type of Desirable Partner: SME, large companies. Field of activity: TV indistry. Retail chains. Companies holding licenses for the production of toys, children’s souvenirs and knitwear. The partner’s role under the distribution service agreement - purchase of the company’s products for own usage and for further retail or wholesale reselling.

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