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Russian producer of sanitary-hygienic and beauty products seeks agents and distributors

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A Russian company from Karachay-Cherkessia manufactures sanitary-hygienic and cosmetic products including cotton pads, swabs, wipes, beauty, hygiene, household supplies, car care products, paper napkins, tissues in boxes, handkerchiefs, towels, viscose wipes and toilet paper. They would like to expand their sales and are looking for partners to conclude distribution services and commercial agency agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company specializes in production and sales of sanitary-hygienic and cosmetic products. The company is located in the city of Cherkessk in the Karachay-Cherkessian Republic, was found in 2001. The company manufactures cotton pads; cotton swabs; wipes: beauty, hygiene, household supplies, car care products; decorative paper napkins; paper tissues in boxes; paper handkerchiefs; paper towels; viscose wipes; toilet paper – today it is 150 positions and the country's only plant for the production of cosmetic cotton products, the largest Russian manufacturer of products of sanitary-hygienic and cosmetic purposes.Products are made from the best quality cotton imported from Uzbekistan. The company has three years tests on growing the cotton in the Stavropol region. Products are manufactured on modern equipment of production Serbia, Sweden, Turkey. The products take a leading market position of sanitary-hygienic production on the territory of the Russian Federation, and also has a demand abroad.The company sells its products throughout Russia and in countries of the near abroad (Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Kyrgyzstan). All products are manufactured in accordance with technical requirements (TU5463-011-56125357-2002 GOST R 52-354-2005,TU 9158-013-56125357-2004, 546-012-56125357-2003, 8195-017-56125357-2008, 8195-018-56125357-2008, 2384-016-56125357 etc.).The company has certificates ISO 9001-2015, OHSAS 18001:2007. All products are supplied in individual packaging, packed in corrugated boxes placed on the pallet The company participates regularly in exhibitions and fairs. The company is open for cooperation with foreign partners from health and sanitary sectors, interested in finding partners in EU countries as agents and distributors of its products. This type of cooperation is to be realized in the framework services agreement for the sales of products, agreement on trade facilitation. This type of cooperation is to be realized in the framework of distribution services agreement for the sales of products and the commercial agency agreement. The company is looking for trade agents to represent products in the European markets under the commercial agency agreement. Under the distribution services agreement is the role of partners the implementation of products to the final consumer. The company hopes to receive from the cooperation the expansion of markets, increase of sales volumes.

Innovations and advantages

- The only enterprise in Russia with full-cycle production of cosmetic cotton products, with modern technological equipment, allowing to produce a high quality product with the lowest possible cost. This fact is supervised by the marketing department. Green equipment and production with waste-free technological process of compete cycle. Continuous quality monitoring, observing technical discipline, using knowledge of qualified professionals at all stages of production enables to produce high quality innovative products with a ratio: low price – excellent quality. - The company can develop a formulation and produce products in individual packaging in accordance with customer requirements, control the quality of products, registration of barcodes. - All products are certified in accordance with certification system GOST R (certificate of conformity, Declaration of conformity of the customs Union, certificate of state registration EURASEC-Eurasian Economic Community), which is confirmation for compliance with the uniform sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements of the products. - Winner certificate of "only in Russia holder of patent of a utility model "cotton pad"; an expert opinion about the registration of a new record achievements "only in Russia holder of patent of a utility model "cotton pad"; the winner of 100 best goods of Russia 2010; diplomas "the goods of the XXI century", "ruby cross", winner of 100 best goods of Russia "hygiene wet wipes", 100 best goods of Russia "wet wipes for household supplies," the 100 best goods of Russia "paper napkins" industry leader – 2008".

Technology keywords

03004011 Care, Hygiene, Beauty

Market application codes

07004002 Health and beauty aids
07004008 Other consumer products

Intellectual property rights

Patents granted

Comments, number and date of patent

7 patents of the Russian Federation in 2007, 2008, 2009.

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: SMEs. Field of activitiy: Companies which trade in sanitary-hygienic and cosmetic goods. Role: The partners role under the distribution services agreement is to sale the products to the final consumer. The partners role under the commercial agency agreement is to promote and represent the companie's goods to the new markets.



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