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Russian producer of polyolefin shrink wrap seeks distributors

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A new Russian manufacturer of polyolefin shrink wrap used for the food, printing, finishing and agriculture sectors is looking for partners to establish cooperation within a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from the Republic of Mordovia was established in 2007 and specializing in polyolefin shrink wrap production is interested in finding partners from European countries. The polyolefin shrink wrap has a number of advantages over other packaging materials that is more and more applying in different industries - food industry (confectionery and bakery), printing, finishing materials, agriculture. The demand for the polyolefin shrink wrap has increased recently due to its advantages: - environmental friendliness(as compared to PVC films, it does not emit harmful gases during storage and shrinkage and is absolutely safe for human health and the environment); - excellent physical and mechanical properties; - ability to package without any deformation of the product; - the wrap makes products good-looking and more attractive. In addition polyolefin shrink wrap is suitable for the use on existing shrink equipment and allows to save costs on 30%. In 2008 the company launched a new production of biaxially-oriented polyolefin five-layer shrink wrap which is currently the only one in Russia. The production program is carried out on the newest Italian equipment with a unique patented double-bubble technology. Production capacity is 260 tons of wrap per month. The company has developed a modern system of production planning on the basis of the best testing equipment created the technical control department. Now it carries the inspection of raw materials, full range testing and control of finished products. The company has become a program laureate "100 best products of Russia", "100 best products of the Mordovia Republic" and also participated in international exhibitions RosUpack, WorldFood, Agrocomplex. The company is interested in cooperation with EU-partners from the foodservice industry - intermediators or distribution networks. The expected result within distribution services agreement is supply of produced goods. The company is ready to provide all the required materials and information, giving a partner an opportunity to resell the products to its clients. The partner is expected to wholesale purchase the product and then sell it on the EU market to corporate and individual clients within distribution services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

Polyolefin shrink wrap has a number of advantages compare to traditional PVC films: - biaxially-oriented polyolefin shrink wrap is made up of 5 layers and is suitable for any type of packaging; - quick and soft shrink; - great optical and strength characteristics; - has no harmful gases (chlorine) during storage and shrinkage; - high-strenth bead weld; - easy transportation; - suitable for both semi-automatic and automatic packing machines of a tunnel type; - no free shrinkage; - storage in diverse temperature conditions; - polyolefin shrink wrap remains elastic, flexible and durable even at very low temperatures (up to -400С).

Technology keywords

02005001 Foil, fils
02005004 Packaging for materials

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02007006 Other system software
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Comments, number and date of patent

Сertificate of trademark was obtained in 2010.

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: SMEs. Field of activity: companies providing restaurant supplies and equipment to the foodservice industry. Partner role: product wholesale purchase and its distribution on EU markets.



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