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Russian producer of honey-based products seeks distributors

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A Russian company specialized in the production and export of honey and honey-based products, including royal jelly and cosmetics is looking for partners for cooperation under a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company is established with the support of the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan in 2011 to develop and realize innovation projects in the sphere of beekeeping. The main activity directions are: - elaboration, production and realization of innovative products on the basis of regional brand – Bashkir honey and other biologically active bee products (royal jelly, propolis, ambrosia); - selective work with Central Russian bee breed and the support of scientific research in this sphere and realization of breeding material; - integration to the international market: elaboration and realization of international business projects. The company produces the production under its own trade mark. The product of three groups of assortment is produced and being realized: food products, biologically active supplements for sportsmen, cosmetics and other hygiene products. The company’s production is presented in several large retail networks in Russia, the USA, China. At present the company is the largest exporter of honey from Bashkortostan. The company realizes natural honey – lime, buckwheat, steppe, ready flower, packed into consumer glass, plastic, wooden packing and also into souvenir packaging 20g-300 kg. The possibility of export is 120 tons per month. In cooperation with the scientists-physicians the company created the natural product of new generation. It is a biologically active supplement of natural origin on the basis of royal jelly, produced in a tablet form. Royal jelly, due to its unique composition, today is recognized by the world scientists community (Russia, the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, China, Korea, Egypt and others) as the most powerful natural biological stimulator and universal biological active nutrition supplement. The products’ composition has no analogues of active components. The products were successfully tested during preparation of Bashkir team for the Paralympic Games in 2012 in London and in 2014 and were highly appreciated by sportsmen, coaches and other experts. In cooperation with scientists-pharmacists the cosmetic collection “The Royal Bee” including 9 products was elaborated. The basis of it innovation formula is the combination of royal jelly and emulsion of mink oil. The researches have proved that the combination of these components enforced the curative effect of the elaborated cosmetic products. Depending on the type and prescription of a cosmetic product its basis is enriched with different multivitamin phytocomplexes - rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil, almond oil, extract of milfoil and others. The Company’s products’ composition has no chemical additives and synthetic preservatives. All cosmetic goods are hypoallergenic and relate to high quality pharmacy cosmetic. The Company is looking for partners, (ready to purchase the products wholesale in size no less than10000 kg (net) per one lot) to cooperate under the distribution services agreement. The expected result from cooperation is that the company will enter new markets and the partner will expand the client base.

Innovations and advantages

- The company is the largest regional exporter of honey from the Republic of Bashkortostan (more than 1000 distributors all over the world. - Biologically active products for sportsmen have no analogues of the active ingredients content of high quality confirmed by the data of their chemical composition correspondence to the latest requirements of the Russian consumer supervision. - The company’s cosmetic production’s composition is unique and without chemical additives or synthetic preservatives. Comprising bee products: royal jelly and propolis have curative and powerful regenerating skin effect. All cosmetic products are hypoallergenic and relate to high quality chemist’s cosmetic.

Technology keywords

08001005 Food Technology
08002003 Safe production methods

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07004002 Health and beauty aids

Intellectual property rights

Trade Marks

Comments, number and date of patent

The Company officially registered 6 trade marks (service marks) in the Federal Service on Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation: the Company’s name in Russian and in English, the company’s logo in English, the name of the elaborated cosmetic collection and the name of the innovative product – biologically active supplement. The registration is proved by the appropriate certificates. The patent was got in 2014 and is valid on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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Type of partner sought

Type: SMEs. Sphere of activity: food industry. Partner’s role: representation of interests of the company, selling company’s production to customer, promoting products at trade fairs.



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