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Russian producer of honey and honey-based pastry seeks distributors or agents

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A Russian company from Sverdlovsk region specialized in production of Russian honey and honey-based pastry is looking for partners to establish business cooperation in the framework of a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Sverdlovsk region since 2001 has been specializing in production of honey and honey-based products. Natural honey is collected from own apiaries in Altai, in Bashkiria and then packaged. The company offers honey of the following types: floral, mountain, white, buckwheat, sweet clover. Furthermore, the company deals with production and delivery of different honey products, honey-based foods, and also honey-based pastry: honey candies (natural candies with honey, nuts and dried fruits), gift boxes of organic candies for individual and corporate clients. The company has ISO 22000: 2005, GOST R 52451-2005 certificates. The company has honey filling equipment. At the moment the company offers the following products for international partners: 1. Natural honey from Russia packed in glassware of different sizes (from 240 g to 500 g, and at the request of a client). 2. Raw honey for professional market (for further packaging, for production, food service) in any ware at the request of a partner. 3. Honey-based pastry packaged in bags of 15 or 200 g, 6 month storage period. The company is interested in cooperation with partners from food industry: distribution networks, intermediators, restaurant chains. The expected result in the framework of the distribution services agreement is supply of produced goods. The company is ready to provide all required materials and information, giving a partner an opportunity to resell the products to its clients. As a result of cooperation in the framework of commercial agency agreement the company considers organize chain of agents that preferably have connections with restaurant chains and distribution networks from the food industry in their countries.

Innovations and advantages

1. The company operates more than 15 years on the national market and is a leader in its segment. 2. Big experience in organization of deliveries to the USA, the UAE, China, CIS states. 3. Only natural honey is used: floral, mountain, white, buckwheat, sweet clover honey. 4. Production capacity (7000 tons of pastry, 1500 tons of honey per year) and the volume of raw materials (month's supply) allows to provide regular supplies to international partners. 5. Pastry, like souffle with natural honey with piecces of fruit, conserves taste for long time, each piece of candy is placed in a bag. 6. More than 500 distributors in Russia.

Technology keywords

08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food

Market application codes

05008002 Food and feed ingredients
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: SME. Field of activity: food services networks, companies from HoReCa industry (hotel/restaurants/catering), honey and pastry producers. Partner's role: for a distribution services agreement:companies interested in acquiring products of the company to resell them to well-chosen clients in their countries; for a commercial agency agreement: representation of the company interests on the national market of a partner, to act on behalf of the company in promoting sales.

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