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Russian producer of high-voltage cables and wires seeks distributors

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A Russian company develops and manufactures a wide variety of high-voltage wires and cables for power transmission lines: cables with composite core made of carbon and basalt fibers, wires from aluminum heat-resistant alloy, power cables with plastic insulation, cables for submersible pumps, coaxial cables for TV systems and others. The company is looking for distributors and offering manufacturing agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company, specializing in research in the field of energy transmission and production of cables and wires, was established in 2011. The company has modern equipment manufactured in Russia and produces wires for overhead power lines and wide diversity of various cables and wires of different functionality: power cables with plastic insulation, power cables with impregnated paper insulation, power cables from cross-linked polyethylene, control cables with plastic insulation, bare wires, self-supporting isolated wires, cables with mineral insulation, wires and cables for geophysical work, transmitting wires with plastic insulation, connection wires for field work, cables for submersible electric pumps, coaxial cables for television systems, cables symmetrical twisted for digital communication systems (LAN), wires with composite core made of carbon and basalt fibers, wires made of heat-resistant aluminum alloy. Using the Russian products can be solved the following issues: increase the amount of electricity transmitted using the existing high-voltage lines; reduce the wire sagging and increase the distance between the supports upon the construction of new lines; prevent icing of power lines in areas with high humidity and during sudden temperature changes; increase the resistance of the wire to the high mechanical stress; ensure a high level of reliability of electric power transmission while minimizing the total investment in the construction and renovation of the lines. Russian company is looking for partnership in Europe and other Countries in the frames of distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement. Within the framework of distribution services agreement the Russian company will supply its products to foreign partners, which in turn must provide its promotion and commercialization in own country through the domestic markets, wholesalers, etc. Terms and conditions of the agreement will be discussed after the first contact with a partner. In the frames of the manufacturing agreement the Russian company will produce the products designated by the partner side, which can be used for partner’s needs. If necessary, the product customization can be done at the request of the foreign companies. Terms and conditions of the agreement will be discussed after the first contact with a partner.

Innovations and advantages

1. Self-supporting insulated wires: • reliable work of power lines even when wires overlapping or trees falling are happened; • no ice formation on wires; • smaller width of the clearing in the forest; smaller wayside in the city; • makes it difficult to illegal connections for electricity theft; • eliminates bird deaths on power lines; • good readability of the alphanumeric labeling throughout the life of the wire due to applying dyes on the surface of warm extruded insulation, which ensures its readability; • carrying core is made of aluminum alloy of own production. 2. Wires made of heat-resistant aluminum alloy: • high mechanical strength; • minimal electrical resistance; • high wind resistance and less pitching instability; • less chance of snow build-up; 3. Wires with core made of carbon and basalt fibers (proprietary of developer) • higher tensile strength of composite core vs steel core; • 3 times lighter than steel; • low coefficient of linear thermal expansion of the core and the wire as a whole; • high operating temperature up to 180 C.

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Area of partner's activity

Type: SME, industry. Sphere of activity: electrical and power products, high-voltage lines, building construction, The role of the partner within frames of: 1. Distribution agreement: distribution and sale of Russian cable and wire production. 2. Manufacturing Agreement: finding the orders for cable and wire production and transfer these orders to Russian partner.



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