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Russian producer of electrodes for welding seeks agents and distributors.

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A Russian manufacturer of electrodes for manual arc welding is looking for distributors and trade representatives in EU and non EU-countries. The partners can be companies working in the area of promotion and selling of construction products including welding electrodes, as well as sales agents.

Offer description

The Russian company has been on the market for over 10 years. It was found in 2003. Since its inception the company engaged in the production of welding electrodes for ferrous metals. These electrodes are widely used in the manufacture, installation, repair and reconstruction of technological devices in a variety of industries, including potentially hazardous industrial facilities for welding of structures made of carbon and low alloy steels, welding of critical constructions of low-carbon and low-alloy steels with different tensile strength. The electrods are produced from quality materials, each party passes laboratory tests. Each micro-corrugated board packaging is sealed in shrink film to avoid moisture. Company's pride - patented sealed package, in which electrodes do not require baking. The company from Penza has 200 tons of finished products in stock, 450 tons are produced and sold every month. Penza electrodes used by energy enterprises in Samara region, Saratov region, in oil and gas industry of Arkhangelsk region, bridge building and road organizations of Tatarstan, mining companies in Krasnoyarsk and Bashkortostan, ship repair enterprises of Ulyanovsk and Nizhny Novgorod region, etc. Traditionally the company products are in demand in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan , Georgia and Uzbekistan. The company is interested in cooperation with partners in the area of promotion and selling construction products (including welding electrodes) in order to conclude distribution services agreement. The company is interested in cooperation with trading companies, network chains/shops for building materials, repair and construction companies, companies engaged in the supply and complete set of industrial, construction sites. Under this agreement the company from Penza will deliver its products to foreign companies for the distribution of electrodes on the territory of the potential partners. Under the commercial agency agreement the company wants to find a sales agent.The company from Penza is interested in cooperation with building companies, companies in the sphere of mechanical engineering,transport engineering, chemical production, mining companies, sales agents. The company from Penza will provide the potential partner with all the necessary documentation and production and the potential partner will represent the company in its country and on its markets and provide services for the sale of goods. The expected result from cooperation is increasing of profits at the expense of access to foreign markets, increasing of productivity and of sales volumes. It can be achieved through well-coordinated cooperation and performance of obligations under the agreements.

Innovations and advantages

The company is the largest producer in the Volga Federal District with a monthly production capacity of more than 400 tons of electrodes for welding of carbon and low alloy steels. Product quality is confirmed with certificates (GOST), it also has certificates of Approval for Welding Consumables. There is an innovative package - patented sealed package in a capsule. The electrodes in a capsule do not require baking. Each package has a unique barcode and is sealed in shrink film.

Technology keywords

02006001 Materials, components and systems for construction

Market application codes

09007001 Construction companies
09007002 Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems

Comments, number and date of patent

Patents in Russia.

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Type of partner sought

Distribution services agreement: Type of partner: SME's. Field of activity: retail and wholesale trade of building products (trading companies,network chains/shops for building materials), repair and construction companies and companies engaged in the supply and a complete set of industrial, construction sites. Partner’s role: sale of the products range manufactured by the company (market knowledge, customer base, business relationships with clients). Commercial agency agreement: Type of partner: SME's. Field of activity: production and sale of building materials, mechanical engineering and transport engineering companies, mining companies. Partner’s role: presentation of the Penza company on its market and sale of goods from Penza company.



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