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Russian producer of drinking mineral water seeks distributors

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A Russian company specialised in production and pouring of mineral carbonated and non-carbonated drinking water and soft drinks with addition of extracts of wild plants, berries and herbs of the far East region of Russia is looking for partners abroad to sign a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from the far East region of Russia was created in 2001 and engaged in water production. Technological processes are organized so that to keep all useful natural properties of water. The new production line with the hi-tech Italian equipment allows to automate completely process of pouring of water and to exclude immediate contact to the human. The company is located in the environmentally friendly region of Primorsky Krai. Productivity of the line makes 12000 1,5-liter or 13600 0,5-liter bottles an hour. Own licensed microbiological laboratory exercises multistage quality control of production. On equipment measuring devices, the laboratory is one of the best in the far East of Russia. Main products of the company: mineral deep-well water; water for children; mineral natural table water; medical and table mineral water; carbonated drinks on the basis of drinking mineral water with addition of extract of berries and plants of the far East region of Russia; non-carbonated drink without preservatives based on an aloe plant, which pieces added to drink. Packing: 0,33l, 0,5l, 1,5l, 5l, 19l. The company is interested in search of partners from wholesale sector for signing a distribution services agreement. Partner should distribute this production to the supermarkets, grug and children shops and so on. The expected result is to increase in profit of the company in connection with an entry into the new markets.

Innovations and advantages

The company is one of the largest in Primorsky Region occupied in the sphere of production and pouring of drinking mineral water. Two plants founded in 1994 and 1996 carry out production. The place of extraction of water is located in the reserved region. Water treatment is carrying out on the German equipment. Water passes a four-stage filtration: filters with quartz sand, the adsorptive filters, and the metal filter with sizes of pores of 1 micron. Each hour the laboratory of plant checks physical and chemical indicators of water for control of stability of structure. High efficiency of the line of pouring.

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08001001 Drink Technology

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07003003 Soft drinks and bottling plants

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Type of partner: SME 51-250, 251-500, 500, 500 MNE. Field of activity: Retail trade through supermarkets, shops of a sports and healthy nutrition. Partner's role: Wholesale purchases of the offered production, product sales through all possible sales channels in the territory of the country of the partner.



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