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Russian producer of dairies and cheese is looking for distributors.

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The company is a producer of dairy and cheese products such as milk, yogurt, kefir, dairy butter, cheeses and other. The company is looking for partners to conclude distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Kursk region specializes in the production of dairies and cheese:milk, yogurt, kefir, «ryazhenka», «bifidoc», dairy butter, mustard, cheeses. The company was established in 2005 in Kursk region and now it’s one of the leading producers of dairy products. During existence the company has achieved a lot: today, the company's products are in demand not only in the Central Federal district, but also throughout Russia, including Moscow region. Brand known in a number of regions of Russia. Products are manufactured in compliance with the state standards on two production sites with strict observance of expiry dates and strict quality control all products. Terms and method of transportation of goods will be stipulated privately, based on the geography of supplies. The company's products are perishable (short shelf life). It should be considered during transportation and packaging. Ultramodern chemical and bacteriological labs allow to keep quality control. Manufacturing is equipped with an automated system that can process 90 tons of milk per shift and minimise the risk of human error and deliberate tampering. During the year the company sells more than 20 million kilograms of products. The company is interested in finding partners from the food industry (shopping malls, food products shops) to conclude distribution services agreement. Due to market expansion and promotion of products abroad, expected result - the expansion of the company's products, increase production volumes.

Innovations and advantages

- Ultramodern chemical and bacteriologica labs allow to keep quality control; - using bactofugeur method - a special cleaning,which preserves the full taste and natural goodness of dairy products; - automated manufacturing - allows to minimize the risk of human error; - the presence of the department the clean in place allows the cleaning and sterilization of process equipment and lines, which gives the opportunity to accept products in a completely closed sterile loop, preventing the product of atmospheric air. The total number of staff is over 260 people. The average age of managerial staff - 33 years old, which promotes innovation in the workplace. CEO of the Russian company repeatedly received appreciation from the governor, and in 2012 received the governor's award in the field of management of the "manager of the year".

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08001005 Food Technology

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07003002 Health food
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner - small and medium enterprises ( network selling dairy products, distributors) Field of activity - food trade, Partner's role - to obtain the company's production for furtner distribution through foreign network.



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