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Russian producer of corrugated board, multiply paper bags is looking for partners in the framework of commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement

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The Russian company from Penza region specializes in production of corrugated board, packing from corrugated board, multiply paper bags, and handles raw materials (paper, clay) is looking for the trade representatives in the framework of commercial agency agreement and distributors for the conclusion of distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The company was established in 2009 and is a leader in manufacturing of corrugated board and corrugated packaging in the Penza market. The Russian company from Penza region operates in the following areas: - production of corrugated board, z-cartonboard, various types of packaging from corrugated board. - Manufacture of paper multilayer (up to 5 layers) bags. It is possible to manufacture bags of different kinds. It is also possible to use layer(s) from high density polyethylene (HDPE). - Realization of the raw materials used in production (paper rolls, dry glue, paint). The company is looking for consumers of packaging (corrugated board and paper bags) in countries of CIS and Europe in all sectors of economy (companies that use corrugated board and paper bags for packing their products) for cooperation in the framework of distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement. The company is looking for trade intermediary activities (agents, commercial representatives) so that the products of the company reach new markets across Europe and the rest of the world. Expected result: presentation of the company from Penza and its production in foreign countries, as well as sales of the above mentioned products. The company will deliver its products to the potential partner in required volumes. Availability of logistic base is welcome. The potential partner also could be active in the field of distributors, imports and/or wholesalers. The company is expected sales of its products in different foreign countries, what can allow the company to enter new markets with its production and to increase volume of sales. A distribution partner and trade representative should already have contacts to the potential customer base.

Innovations and advantages

Modern imported equipment are used at the production. The productive capacity of the corrugated board making machine up to 4.5 million square metres per month. The line for production of multiwall paper bags enables to produce up to 2 million bags per month. It is possible to manufacture bags with high density polyethylene, open, closed for any free-running filler. The laboratory for determining the quality of corrugated board, control on all stages of production. The application of flexoprint up to three colors on packaging and up to four colors on paper bags. Fulltime production and warehouse. Industrial and warehouse space (15,000 square metres) permit to accumulate a stock of products to large consumers, which allows to ship products on demand.

Market application codes

08003005 Other industrial machinery for textile, paper & other industries

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Type of partner sought

Type: enterprises (small, medium, large) Area of activity: retail and wholesale trade of packaging materials. Pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food industry, wood processing industry (fertilizers, coal), construction, furniture, processing industry. Partner's role: promoting and selling the company's products in their own market.


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