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Russian producer of composite materials for building seeks distributors

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A Russian company from Mordovia produces various products for building and construction such as glass fibre carcass, composite reinforcement rods and rebar and is looking for a partner under a distribution service agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Republic of Mordovia produces composite carcass, composite reinforcement rods and rebar with sand coating (fully complies with GOST 31938-2012). The company uses a know-how technology to manufacture composite carcasses and composite-reinforced construction products which are superior to traditional metal-reinforced structures. The carcasses are mainly used in concrete structures such as floor and landing slabs and provide static load increase from 6,1 tons up to 10 tons. The product properties and innovative features allows its application in such areas as: road and transport infrastructure (for strengthening the road base, reinforcement of road surfaces, bridge decking and fencing, barriers and blocks dividing strips, curbs, road and pavement slabs); structures and buildings in conditions of high electromagnetic fields, and the potential difference; chemical industry structures, chemical waste objects, irrigation, industrial buildings in aggressive environment; urban underground engineering infrastructure; tunnels and underground mines; bridge building and bridge restoration; dowels for fixing the thermal insulation of walls of buildings manufacturing; rods and grids to increase the bearing capacity of brick structures. The materials are produced in variety of sizes (i.e. the carcass dimensions are 2200x6000 millimeters with a cell size from 150x150 to 200x200 mm and net weight of only 6 kg) which make it possible to use regular containers for transportation without any mechanical aid. The rebar diameter is from 4mm to 40mm. The company seeks a perspective business partner in the field of building and construction to distribute the product on EU market under the distribution services agreement. The expected result of the mutual cooperation is a wide-range distribution of the product as a part of the partner's commercial offer on a long-term basis. The terms of transportation will be discussed after the first contact.

Innovations and advantages

The company offers an innovative product for the construction and building markets. It is primarily used in concrete structures manufacture, i.e. floor and landing slabs, making those much lighter, more durable and significantly cheaper in comparison with traditional metal-reinforced slabs. The basic components for production are glass or basalt roving with a modified epoxy binder. The rods are covered with quartz sanding to enhance adhesion. The unique patented technology that constitutes the company know-how allows to produce the products with such characteristics as: 1. The rupture load - 1200 MPa (traditional metal rod - 390 MPa). 2. 9 times lighter than traditional metal counterpart. 3. Substantially cheaper than traditional metal counterpart. The company designed a unique patented production line that allows to produce 21500 meters in 12 hours. It also uses the patented method of the rods binding that forms a chair to exclude additional procedures. Due to the reduced weight the time of the installation can be dramatically reduced. The composite also improved physical and mechanical properties such as: - Corrosion resistance (especially important in concrete alkaline environment). This also determines the durability period which is increased by multiple times to compare to traditional metal construction materials. - The sand-covered surface, which is the company know-how, enforces adhesion with concrete on micro-level. This provides increase of tensile strength over 25%. - Temperature resistance. - Diamagnetic and dielectric properties which allows to use the product in building of hospitals, airports, radar stations, and various military installations. Tests have shown that the static load on a composite-reinforced floor slab can be up to 10 tons (the GOST normative load - 6.1 tons). The company has some experience in the composite-reinforced materials distribution and trade on the regional markets of Russia, Belorus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

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02007005 Composite materials

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08001015 Other speciality materials

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Patent granted in 2014 (Russia)

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Type of partner: SMEs, industry. Field of activity: building and construction companies. Partner role: product wholesale purchase and its distribution.



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