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Russian producer of coal briquettes and carbonaceous materials seeks partners

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A Russian company specialised in production and distribution of coal briquettes and carbonaceous materials is looking for distributors of heating material from Eastern European countries, China, South Korea, Japan, Turkey or alternatively companies needing a supply of coal and carbon as part of their manufacturing process.

Offer description

The Russian company from Sverdlovsk Region based in 2002 is active in manufacturing and distribution of anthracite, coal briquettes, carbonaceous materials. The company offers products of the following characteristics: Coal briquettes: The ash content of 14-16% The carbon content of - 80% Calories: 6200-7400 kcal. Humidity - 4% Faction - 70 mm. Carbonaceous material: The ash content of 2% The carbon content of 90% Humidity 4% Fraction 0.1 - 120 mm. Produced materials are used as a fuel for boiler plants, power plants and raw materials for metallurgy production. The company is interested in finding partners from metallurgy sphere to conclude distribution services agreement and manufacturing agreement for long-term cooperation. The company is ready to collaborate with distributors and intermediates of these products in order to expand its sales geography and providing high quality products at the reasonable price to a potential partner that is well aware of the market particularities in the country it operates in the form of distribution services agreement. The partner promotes interests of the company and recieves specification from clients indicating their needs, the company, from its side, is providing requested goods in terms determined with the partner beforehand. The company is also intereted in manufacturing agreement with the producers of lignosulphonate, liquid sodium glass, lime in exchange of products offered by the company. This type of cooperation will provide mutual benefits to the company and the foreign partner, lowering expenses of both sides. The expected result is entering into new foreign markets and to set up its production.

Innovations and advantages

• Dealers preferences. • Products directly from manufacturer. • Possibility to change the qualitative composition at the request of a customer. • Products are certified.

Market application codes

06005003 Other coal related

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Preferred countries

Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Japan, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Turkey

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: small and medium-sized companies. Field of activitiy: energy industry, suppliers of fuel for households,power plants and metallurgy productions that apply carbonaceous fuel in their technological process. Partner's role: in the framework of distribution services agreement: to obtain the company's production for further distribution. Partners interested in stipulation of manufacturing agreement that produce lignosulphonate, liquid sodium glass, lime and are willing to exchange them to carbonaceous materials of the company, that will lower expenses and will benefit both sides.



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