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Russian producer of bio additives is looking for distributors.

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A Russian company from Penza region, which specializes in the production of biologically active additive for treatment and prevention of osteoporosis based on the most popular plant substances (leuzea, clover, flax, valerian, etc.) is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Penza was found in 1995 and specializes in the production of medicated products and biologically active additives (increasing the level of testosterone,affecting the potency, libido,increasing muscular and bone tissues) based on the most popular plant substances with proven efficacy and safety (motherwort, Leuzea, clover, mustard seeds, escue, flax, valerian). It includes pharmacy chain and two health centers in Penza and is the member of Russia’s Association on prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. For production the company uses cryo grinding technology, allowing carefully grind up the root of medicinal plants at very low temperatures, refine all mechanical impurities, such as land, destroy bacteria and thus more fully disclose all of its medicinal properties. By using of this technology the company has achieved the ability to use the properties of medicinal plants, which until now have not been used because of the unavailability of technology. The company has made discovery in the treatment of skin diseases and increasing the level of testosterone. It is interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with the potential partners to promote its product on the foreign markets - biologically active additive against osteoporosis. The development of the dietary supplement had started in 1995 and was patented in Russia on November 30, 2009 in accordance with the international system of registration. The company has spend more than 100 million rubles on researches, tests and organization of production of the dietary supplement. It consists of calcium citrate and drone brood as the most valuable biologically active product containing proteins, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and dietary minerals. The content of vitamin D in drone brood is even more than in cod liver oil. The researches showed that the additive of the company from Penza does not cause hypercalcemia and is 5-10 times more effective than the well-known brands of foreign companies. The Russian SME is looking for partners in EU-countries and non EU-countries in the sphere of production of medical products, additives, supplements. The company from Penza is interested in a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with a partner to promote company's product on the market. The company from Penza considers as possible the following forms of cooperation: sell to a partner bulk tablets of the above mentioned product. Partner registers remedy in his country, makes package, promotes and sells it on his own. That way 60 bulk tablets (1plastic can) will cost 6$. Tablets in a plastic can with a label and carton box will cost 6,75-7$. Price for the product in Europe most not exceed 19,95$ for an end-user. In a number of countries margin can't be bigger than 50%, so entry price for a drugstore will be 13,3$. Wholesale margin around 10-15% means that entry price will be 11,5$. Difference from every can of the product (11,5-6,75=4,75$) is partners income. As a expected result can be called - increase of volumes of sales at the lowest cost, expansion of products line through entering foreign markets.

Innovations and advantages

- Use in the production of herbs grown on plantations. 2,000 acres of land for cultivation of high-quality herbal medicines (motherwort, calendula, valerian, mint, sage, dogrose, fireweed (Ivan tea), dandelion and others). - Cryotreatment of herbs in the production process. - The company made World discovery in the treatment of osteoporosis. This drug fills the cavernous education in trabecular bone. Thanks to this drug, increasing the mobility of the patient, reduces the period of synostosis. Contained therein drone brood, which maintains the level of hormones in the body. And not just calcium intake, but also prevents it from leaching. - The drug received the status "Perspective inventions" in the competition "100 best goods of Russia". Now the the uniqueness of this drug is confirmed by patents in 35 countries.

Technology keywords

08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food

Market application codes

05007002 Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

Comments, number and date of patent

Patents granted in 35 Countries.

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Type of partner sought

Type of potential partner: SME's. Field of activity: companies which engaged in manufacturing of medical production, biologically active additives, supplements and in sale of the above mentioned products. Partner's role: buy, promote and sell the product.



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