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Russian medical software developer seeks distributor

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A Russian software developer specialising in medical primary diagnostic solutions is looking for partners a under distribution services agreement, selling to the healthcare sectors.

Offer description

The Russian company from Republic of Mordovia specializes in software development has developed a low-cost portable tool for online medical diagnostics with a uniquely low accuracy error rate. The complex health camera eye (that can also be used as a cross-platform application for a smartphone with HD camera) allows a non-contact measurement of respiratory rate and heart rate by HD camera scan of a human face. The diagnostic measurements are based on the photoplethysmography theory and are the company know-how. Health camera eye is a portable standalone HD-camera with infrared illumination, built-in processor that recognizes images and wireless interfaces to transfer information to a computer or smartphone. This camera can be installed in the room and monitor the human pulse / respiration rates within its view. The camera can be used for night patients or babies supervision. The key competitive advantages of the complex are the ability to use the device for a quick initial diagnostics due to its extremely compact size, the software applicability for smartphones with high-resolution cameras and the cross-platform nature. It is important to note that the company is ready to implement additional functions at the request of customers. Prospective customers are: 1. Medical diagnostic centers 2. Health care centers 3. Maternity welfare clinics 4. Pediatric health centers 5. Maternity hospitals and other health institutions The company expects that a partner, who can show a proven track record of working with the above-mentioned customers, will be able to distribute the health camera eye complex by demonstrating its features to perspective EU clients, installing, updating and supporting the software on regular basis under the distribution services agreement. The company is ready to offer permanent technical support and full marketing support to potential partners as well as 1-year free software update. Partners also have the right to create their own software using the program code API to implement it at their will.

Innovations and advantages

The offered solution is a hardware-software tool for preliminary medical diagnostics. The health camera eye complex allows a non-contact measurement of respiratory rate and heart rate by HD camera scan of a human face. The diagnostic measurements are based on the photoplethysmography theory and are the company know-how. It also registers all circumstantial signs of injury/medical conditions such as abnormally pale skin, dilated pupils, etc. The software monitors and records all conditional changes with accuracy error less than 5%. The software can be used as an application for a smartphone with HD camera. The company has access to scientific laboratories, technological platforms and has a highly professional staff experienced in software for special purposes development. The key competitive advantages of the software complex are: 1. Low cost production and support 2. High accuracy rate 3. Compact dimensions of the complex 4. The software can be used as an application on a smartphone with a high resolution camera with a variety of operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.) 5. Opportunities for software distribution (GooglePlay, AppleStore, etc.)

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01003006 Computer Software
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02007012 Medical/health software

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Type of partner: the IT company with sufficient experience in software development for medical institutions, face detection technology, software and hardware distributor. Field of activity: trade, medical services, software for special purposes development. Partner's role: the complex purchase, its distribution, installation and customers’ technical support.

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