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Russian manufacturer of thermal underwear seeks agents and distributors

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A Russian company from Yaroslavl region, engaged in manufacture of knitwear (thermal underwear, t-shirts, sweaters), is looking for partners to sell its products under both distribution services or commercial agency agreements in EU and other countries.

Offer description

The Russian company from Yaroslavl specializes in manufacturing of knitted products, is interested in expanding its sales network by attracting partners and dealers abroad. The company was founded in 2014. The company is equipped with all necessary equipment for production of thermal underwear for women, men and children. Primary materials obtained undergo inspection against physical and mechanical parameters and raw material components. The finished fabric passes through double control: the first stage is to check the fabric after knitting, the second control the cloth passes after the calender machine. All patterns also undergo through intermediate control prior to sewing stage. Among the partners of the company are reliable firm from Germany (manufacturer of sewing thread), a world leader in the production of zippers and buckles from Japan. Among the clients of the company from Yaroslavl – several known trademarks from Finland, networks of sports shops. The company also produces other knitted products: tee-shirts, shorts, pants, socks, trousers, sweater, vests, hats and scarves. The company stands ready to supply its products to distributors from apparel sector under the distribution services agreement. The company is also looking for international partners who will sell the company’s products through their sales channels and spread the information and product samples under the commercial agency agreement. The desired result of this cooperation is the expansion of the company’s market and increase of its profit.

Innovations and advantages

1. The company has up-to-date equipment and its own product technology department where product designs and templates are developed. 2. The company has dye works department, which is equipped with facilities for dyeing and finishing of various complexity. The fabric is treated with special bactericide, insecticide and softening solutions, which increases its durability and safety. 3. The company offers a range of additional services: embroidery, thermal transfer printing, silk-screen printing. All necessary equipment is placed at the factory. 4. The products are certified. 5. Due to the use of the latest technology and high quality local and imported materials, the thermal underwear has the following characteristics: - thermal underwear made of single - or multi-layer fabric retains heat and spurns moisture, - thermal underwear made of fire resistant fabric is resistant to high temperatures, - special thermal underwear is made for extra cold climate with enhanced protection from hypothermia. 6. The company has highly qualified personnel. 7. Total output per year – up to 1 000 000 items.

Technology keywords

02007018 Advanced Textile Materials

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
09004003 Textiles (synthetic and natural)

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Type of partner sought

Type partner: SMEs. Field of activity: sales of industrial products (clothing). The partner’s role under the distribution service agreement - purchase of the company’s products for own usage and for further retail or wholesale reselling. The partner’s role under the commercial agency agreement - promotion of the company’s products in the international markets and commercial representation of the company.

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