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Russian manufacturer of starches and starch products seeks distributors

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A Russian company from Rostov region, operating in the sphere of manufacturing of corn starches is looking for distributors from Europe to realize products for further treatment or consumptive use. The company is ready to sign contracts in the frame of a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Rostov region was found in 2008 and since then it has been operating in the sphere of manufacturing of starches and starch products, offers cooperation in the frames of distribution services agreement. All of company's production is certified and meets the criteria of international standards. The company has many certificates, diplomas and acknowledgements for its production. The first product, caramel syrup, was released in 2009. Looking back upon these humble beginnings, today, the company proudly takes its place as the second largest producer of starch products in Russia. It possesses easy access to river and sea ports, a proximity to the Ukrainian borders, and ample raw materials to allow for constant production. Understandably, these circumstances have allowed the company to develop significant competitive advantages in relation to other manufacturers of starch products in Russia. The SME produces the next: 1. Native starch - this type of starch is commonly used in bread making and confectioneries, as well as within the pharmaceutical, paper, textile, and food concentrates industries. Native starch is used, first and foremost, as an additive to various products (over 250 different groups) in order to increase the level of their quality. 2. Modified starch - the structure of starch is relatively easy to modify using a variety of physical and chemical methods. This allows to produce hundreds of various types of modified starches with unique and beneficial properties that can be used in both food and non-food related industries. Applying modified starches allows for a preservation of stability for various food technical systems to mechanical impacts, including: preservation, freezing and thawing and changes in acidity. Modified starches are within a wide variety of industries, including for: food, textiles, cellulose and paper, construction, foundries, stabilizing reagents for oil drilling, bio-degradable materials and one-time use plates and cutlery. 3. Drilling reagent- the company produces different types of modified starches for drilling, in accordance with international standards of quality. 4. Starch syrup is a universal and irreplaceable basis for many food products, especially confectioneries. The high popularity of syrups is no surprise when considering the numerous advantages it has to offer: not only does it significantly improve the taste of a given food product, but it also lowers the caloric content of a product, and is easily digestible. The upsides of the product become quickly evident – the consumer benefits from a product that utilizes natural ingredients, while the producer has access to low cost, high quality ingredients. As a result, the partners benefit from a controlled technological process and lower production costs. 5. Corn seed is the source of the raw materials used to create various types of starch, saccharine and high-protein fodder products. The seed of this crop contains a wide array of important amino acids and nutrients necessary for one’s health and wellbeing. Thus, it is an indispensable source of nutrition for humans and animals alike. The company is open to cooperation and strives to take part in productive economic and business dealings with the prospective partners from food sector. The company would like to sign distribution services agreement and supply the product abroad. All terms of delivery will be discussed after the first contact. The grain may be transported in trucks, bags. Starch products are in bags and vacuum containers.

Innovations and advantages

- The company makes every effort to ensure that its products contain only natural ingredients, are GMO free and meet the highest quality standards such as ISO. - Products are distinguished through good quality and are produced by means of advanced technology and have enjoyed great demand for over 7 years. - There is a storage for production with a big capacity.

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03004001 Agro chemicals
03004006 Organic Substances

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07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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Type - SMEs. Field of activity - agro food. Role – get and distribute the company’s production to the clients.


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