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Russian manufacturer of souvenir products from natural materials seeks distributors

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A Russian company from Sverdlovsk region specialized in production of souvenirs, handicrafts made of birch bark, wood, metal, and ornamental stones, offers more than 500 different items from environmentally friendly materials. The company aims to boost sales in Europe and is ready to conclude distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company from Sverdlovsk region was founded in 1991. The company specializes in manufacturing and sales of souvenir and gift products, production of national crafts that are made only from environmentally friendly materials. Products are made on modern equipment using a well-functioning technology. The company offers about 500 items from environmentally friendly materials, and can also manufacture the products according to sketches of the customer. 1) Wood products (caskets, magnets, decoupage, coasters, kitchen accessories and other products.) 2) Products made of birch bark (boxes, magnets, prayer, combined kits, combs, backgammon, mirrors and much more) 3) Magnets (birch bark, colored, wooden with laser engraved, with resin, amulets, with a gold frame, combined, etc.) 4) Articles made of fabric (prayers, panel, calendars) 5) Metal wares with an engraving (pens, spoons, key rings, mugs, water bottles, stack, lighters and other products.) 6) Products for celebration of Christmas and New Year (own product samples: figurines of angels, magnets, jewelry boxes, mirrors, charms, spoons, decoupage, toys, pictures, key rings and other products). Company products are known in various countries: the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Canada, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries. The company is interested in establishing cooperation with foreign distributors of souvenir products in the framework of distribution services agreement. As a result of cooperation within the contract on services in sales of products the company sees delivery of the made products. The company is ready to implement this type of cooperation and to provide on demand of a partner all necessary documentation, an information on the possible scope of delivery and the ability to carry out operations on the resale of products to its customers.

Innovations and advantages

The company is one of the leaders in the Russian market of souvenirs. The main advantages of the company and products offered: 1. Reliability: Experience in domestic and foreign markets for more than 25 years. 2. A wide range of products: The company offers products from birch bark, wood, metal and ornamental stone. This gift sets for men and women, key chains, jewelry, jewelry boxes and more. In total more than 500 items. 3. Competitive prices: The company is a manufacturer of souvenirs and delivers its products without intermediaries. 4. The production of quality products in a short time: Existence of own equipment, technology and professional shots allow to make desirable goods quickly and with high quality. 5. The company's products are unique: All the developments of the company are its intellectual property. Products made on the basis of Russian traditions and crafts of many generations. 6. Constant updating of assortment: Company sensitive and react quickly to market demands. The company's products is characterized by originality and elegance. . The company works to order and by finished projects of clients. 7. The company develops souvenirs customer orders quickly and with good quality.

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Type of partner sought

Type of a partner: SMEs. Field of activity: distributor that specializes in souvenir products. Partner's role: companies interested in acquiring products of the company to resell it to well-chosen clients in the countries.

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