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Russian manufacturer of furniture for children seeks distributors

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The Russian company specialized in manufacture of hi-tech kids’ furniture from wood and laminated fiberboard which are made with safety and versatility in mind, is looking for distributors to sell their products in European markets.

Offer description

The Russian furniture manufacturer from the Republic of Mordovia specializes in manufacturing furniture for kids for different age groups – pre-school and school age was established in 1994 as a small enterprise. Since 2007 the company has been its production on Russian and international markets. At present time the company offers different types of furniture: sets consisting of two items – a table and a chair; tables with different types of tops(rectangular table top; drop-form table top; table top with lighting); kids toys racks; student writing-tables; folding easels. All furniture is made of medium density fiberboard laminated with film. It is known that this material make furniture comfortable and utility. MDF is inflammable material, so it meets all the requirements of fire safety and can be used for the manufacture of children's furniture. MDF features surpass natural wood - there are no cracks and bulges, the hardness and density are higher, it is waterproof and resistant to fungi and other microorganisms, which proves its environmental friendliness. Production capacity of the company allows to produce up to 300 units per month. All products are warranted for 1 year. Each set of furniture is transported separately and unassembled. All the furniture is designed with no sharp corners - it absolutely injury preventive. All the furniture is coloured in quiet colors - blue, peach, lightpink, pistachio, lightyellow and other colours. This coloring does not cause negative emotions and contributes to their harmonious state. The company constantly works to expand the product line offering new and interesting design solutions. The offered furniture is designed for children of preschool and school age - depending on the height of the child, you can choose a furniture set for a height group needed. This furniture is designed for the early childhood development or leisure activities - reading, drawing, sculpture and other children's crafts. All products have GOST (Russian Federation) and Eurasian Customs Union Certificates. The company is looking for a partner with a recorded history of children furniture sales to sign distribution services agreement. In the framework of the agreement the partner is expected to purchase the products under special pricing conditions and then sell them to the appropriate clients on the EU markets such as hospitals, kindergartens and pre-school organizations. The expected result of the cooperation is to broaden distribution opportunities on new markets, to broaden furniture model line and to use new materials in the production process.

Innovations and advantages

The main target of the company is manufacturing special furniture for children which meets all the requirements of comfort, safety and functionality. The offered products have a number of advantages: 1. The furniture is made of environment-friendly materials - wood, laminated medium density fiberboard (the company has all the necessary patents and certificates such as trade marks and the Eurasian Customs Union Certificates of Compliance); 2. The furniture is equipped with special mechanism to adjust the height and axial inclination (according to the child’s height and other individual characteristics and needs); 3. The furniture does not require any tools for assembly; 4. One item can be transformed and used for different purposes - a desk can be transformed to a drawing easel with a slate surface; 5. The furniture is perfect for a small-sized apartment; 6. Due to the specific features furniture made of MDF is lighter than wooden; 7. A good variety of bright colors and patterns are available.

Market application codes

07002005 Other retailing
07004005 Furnishing and Furniture

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Type of partner sought

Partner Type: SMEs. Field of activity: trading companies which offer different products to kindergartens and schools. Role of partner: wholesale-purchase the products and distribution it to clients in the EU market.



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