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Russian manufacturer of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar seeks agents

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A Russian company engaged in fibre-reinforced plastic rebar production for different purposes of construction and floor slabs is looking for partners under a commercial agency agreement.

Offer description

The company from Lipetsk region, which produces fibre-reinforced plastic rebar, is looking for commercial agents. Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is used for foundation and brickwork reinforcing, in no-fines, cell lightweight, concrete, including monolithic construction, in canalization, irrigation and drainage systems, roadway and fences, in the non-removable formwork construction. The company’s products with aluminosilicate cenosphere have many advantages over the rebar with sand blanket: - increased ultraviolet ray protection due to the fact that aluminosilicate cenosphere is almost non-transparent and has hollow sphere; - increased heat resistance due to low heat conductivity (0,08 Wt/m*K under 20°C) and high melt temperature (1200-1600°C); - increased anchoring ability in concrete because of the fact that aluminosilicate cenosphere has high crushing stress (150-280 Kg/sm 2). Small aluminosilicate cenosphere size (50-400 mkm) and spherical shape close to ideal allows compact packaging. Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is supplied in coils (50 or 100m till 10 mm in diameter) and uncoiled beginning with 12mm according to the customers’ requests. The Russian company is interested in partners' search (from the spheres of construction and trade) so as to conclude commercial agency agreement. Under this type of agreement the Russian company will deliver fibre-reinforced plastic rebar and the partner will serve as an agent and find the customers for the company’s products. The expected result is the increase of company's profit through the representation on new markets.

Innovations and advantages

The company was set up in 2011 and has cross-border cooperation experience. It is the participant of composite cluster in Lipetsk region which embraces 8 rapidly developing innovative companies. The company’s product has been awarded in regional and country level. The company offers innovative fibre-reinforced plastic rebar for different purpose buildings’ construction and floor slabs. The product has a range of advantages over traditional metal bars: The use of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar ensures: - 50% economy due to the fact that fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is cheaper and 5 times lighter. Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar may be of different length and can be packaged in coils that reduces the transportation costs; - tear strength 3 times higher than of steel bars; - high acid-resistance; - low heat conductivity; - radio transparency; - resistance to ultra-low temperatures; - durability (more than 80 years); - high speed of work due to the fact that there is no need in welding. The company’s know-how is the use of aluminosilicate cenosphere instead of sand blanket that ensures more effective ultraviolet ray protection, the increase in heat resistance and anchoring ability, protection against mechanical damage.

Technology keywords

02002008 Jointing (soldering, welding, sticking)
02007002 Building materials
02007005 Composite materials

Market application codes

08001015 Other speciality materials
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

Comments, number and date of patent

Russia patents.

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Area of partner's activity

Partner’s type: SMEs or large companies. Spheres of activity: trade or construction companies. Partner’s role: it is planned that under commercial agency agreement the partner will represent the company's interests on international markets and conclude agreements.



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