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Russian manufacturer of energy-efficient LED systems seeks distributors

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A Russian company from Lipetsk region specialized in the field of manufacture of light-emitting diodes lamps is looking for partners to conclude distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company from Lipetsk region has been working since 2009 and has implemented a range of projects predominantly in Russia and Italy. The company realizes the full cycle of LED lamps production including light-emitting diodes manufacture and LED intelligent systems production and is a leading producer of energy-efficient LED systems in the region. Relying on scientific researches the company has started production of a new lamp model with improved characteristics such as increased brightness coefficient and low thermal conductivity. A new lamps model has sandwich-like structure: light emitted diodes play the role of light source and are connected with conductors. Passing through a transparent layer, the light reaches the luminophore. The color temperature and color rendering index depend on the luminophore’s thickness and composition. Unlike other sources of lighting, light emitted diodes rarely break down entirely but have one drawback: as time goes on, they change their light emitting characteristics. The technology developed by the company limits color shift towards blue; light emitted diodes give off soft light and are suitable for rooms with many people. The service life of the LED module reaches 70 000 hours. The product portfolio includes: - office lighting (panel lighting up to 50.000 life hours and 50W; tube lighting up to 50.000 life hours and 33W; classic lamp base lighting up to 20.000 life hours and 5W); - industrial lighting (floodlight lighting form 33W to 208W; suspended lighting up to 330W; tube lighting up to 40W; tube lighting for premises with high humidity and high fire risk); - utilities lighting (bulkhead lighting with sensor up to 15W); - outdoor lighting (floodlight lighting from 10W to 140W and 50.000 life hours). The company is also interested in finding partners from trade sphere to conclude distribution services agreement under which the partner will represent the company’s products on its own market. It is preferred to have a partner the online shops and the good connections with the advertising agencies.

Innovations and advantages

• The company is a leading producer of energy-efficient light-emitting diodes lamps systems in the region, with more than 7 years of experience in the field and extensive chain of clients in european part of Russia. Among the company' clients are avia complex, a big brewing company, a major producer of soft drinks and dairy products, etc. • The company's products are presented in several retail chains in Moscow and Lipetsk, however the major part of products is produced for B2B segment. • The company currently is entering Italian market, with its sales office being opened in the country. The sales office is engaged in LED lamps sale and service maintenance. • Considering the purpose of the premises the company staff will offer the lighting with optimum characteristics (brightness ratio, color rendering index, and others.) • Increased brightness coefficient due to nanophase ceramics used in light-emitting diodes lamps; low thermal conductivity of LED lamps due to heat-removing ceramics layer; over the time some light-emitting diodes' color rendering may degrade, the company products, on the contrary, have limited color shift towards blue due to hight quality of assembly.

Technology keywords

04001003 Storage of electricity, batteries
04007002 Lighting, illumination

Market application codes

03001 Electronic Components
06006 Energy Conservation Related

Intellectual property rights

Patents granted

Comments, number and date of patent

Patents were granted in Russsia. 20.03.2015.

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: SMEs or large companies. Field of activity: electric appliance trade or any other sphere where the reduction on electrical power is needed. Partner's role: represent and sell Russian the company’s products.



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