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Russian manufacturer of embroidered clothing from natural flax, as well as products of national art crafts seeks agents and distributors

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A Russian company is specialised in manufacturing clothing of natural flax products with traditional Russian-style embroidery and national souvenirs (bags, tapestries, caps). The company is looking for foreign partners to conclude distribution services or commercial agency agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company from Smolensk was established in 1999. It specializes in the production of high quality flax and natural fabric products decorated with creative embroidery (men’s and women’s clothes; folk clothes; table linen; bedding). The texture of textiles used by the company allows to apply various traditional hand embroidery techniques. Professional artists, painters and craftsmen employed by the company develop their own specific embroidery methods, create a variety of original samples trying to preserve their traditional basis. The company also produces national art-craft souvenirs (tapestries, caps, bags) and stage costumes. The company’s artists, seamstresses, designers, craftsmen not only support the traditions and technique of the folk embroidery but create new samples of artistic products. Quite a number of the company’s products were awarded prizes at the international competitions and exhibitions and are well-known in the RF and abroad. The company is looking for buyers and distributers from the souvenirs and gifts sector to promote the products in the regions of the CIS, EC and other countries under the distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement. Under the distribution services agreement the company expects to sell its products to partners for further market distribution. Under the commercial agency agreement the company expects to create a network of agents who will promote the company’s products at the international market. These types of cooperation will result in the extension of the clients base and will allow the company to increase its sales.

Innovations and advantages

- The company has a long history being a successor of the art-and-training workshops of the well-known Russian patron of the arts and philanthropist Maria Tenisheva; - all the products are designer-made and quite a number of them are produced in a single copy; - the company was one of the pioneers who started to produce a wide range of custom-tailored stage and folk costumes for art folk groups, theatres and children art groups from all over Russia; - the quality of products is monitored at all stages of production; - the company holds a compliance certificate for the production of table linen and bedding. - flax is an excellent natural antiseptic that has always been in high demand at the natural fabrics market; - the company operates a store in Smolensk; - barter arrangements as well as deferred payment are possible.

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: SMEs, large companies, corporations. Field of activity: companies specializing in the trade of souvenirs; companies willing to purchase company’s products as corporate souvenirs; theatres, museums. Partner's role: Purchase of the company's products on a regular and one-time basis under the distribution services agreement. Promotion of the Russian company's products under the commercial agency agreement.

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