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Russian manufacturer of composite fiberglass reinforcement is looking for partner within distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement

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The Russian company from Izhevsk, a manufacturer of composite fiberglass reinforcement, looks for partners to conclude commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement. The composite rebar is manufactured on the hi-tech equipment of alkaliproof fiber glass with addition of the nanomodifier in the polymeric binding.

Offer description

The Russian commercial company from Izhevsk producing the composite fiberglass reinforcement looks for partners to distribute the products in Russia and abroad. The company was founded in 2010. The company offers high-quality composite reinforcement of own production fully complying with GOST 31938-2012 by technical characteristics. The company’ specialists have developed the technology for producing the composite polymer reinforcement superior in its characteristics to the best native and foreign samples. The reinforcement differs in compact texture, relief inseparable from the core, high share of the reinforcing agent (the fiberglass content in the fitting is more than 85% mass. The analogues have 75% mass.), the best physical and chemical and strength characteristics. The composite fiberglass reinforcement is manufactured using pultrusion or needletrusion. The company manufactures the reinforcement in diameter from 4 mm to 20 mm. It may be applied as internal reinforcement in concrete constructional elements. Due to its excellent technical characteristics it may be applied: while constructing facilities of road-transport infrastructure (for strengthening road base, reinforcing road surface, decks and barriers а bridges, barriers and blocks of traffic strips, curb stones, pavement and walkway slabs). The reinforcement is hitched using metal wire, tie-wrap or special mount; while constructing facilities operated under high electromagnetic field strength and the difference of potentials (nuclear magnetic resonance tomography boxes, supports, high voltage lines and substations, railroad sleepers and so on); while constructing facilities of chemical production, burials, water conditioning and treatment, melioration (reinforcing of concrete tanks and storage facilities of treatment plants and chemical productions, in wall panels of industrial buildings with aggressive media, infrastructure elements of chemical productions and so on); while constructing marine and harbour facilities; while constructing fibercrete vessels and floating construction works (pontoons, landing stages, float gauges of drilling platforms and so on); while constructing underground wells and tunnels; for repair and reconstruction of bridges, elements of building and facilities; during performance of the works on soil stabilization (protection of bank, slope, supporting walls, fixation of edges in cuts and pits, mining domes, coastal reinforcement); for flexible couplings in multi-layered heat-saving enclosing structures; for reinforcing of three-layered wall panels with flexible couplings; to produce dowels for fixing of thermal insulation of building walls; for production of cores and grids to reinforce bearing resistance of brick constructions; in products based on gypsum binders; - in concrete elements and facilities on distributed bas (foundations, floors, plates and so on); in concrete products with unstressed and prestressed reinforcement (bored piles, fences, pavement slabs, power pylons and light poles and so on). The Russian company is looking for partners from construction, trade sectors to conclude distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement. Within the frames of distrbution services agreement the company is planned to sale products to partner for further distribution at the market, the partner should have the connections with constraction companies, hardware stories. Under commercial agency agreement the company is planned to market the products in Europe. Desired result of these types of cooperation - developed dealer network, retail network, wholesale network.

Innovations and advantages

The company produces the composite reinforcement based on the fiberglass with addition of nanomodifier to the polymer binder. Exactly this factor guarantees high quality of the material. The operational characteristics of the reinforcement of this mark exceed those of the similar products of fiberglass or basalt by 30-50%. The reinforcement differs in compact texture, relief inseparable from the core, high share of the reinforcing agent (the fiberglass content in the fitting is more than 85% mass. The analogues have 75% mass). The density of the composite reinforcement produced by the company exceed all the existing composite reinforcement analogues in the native and foreign markets. The company’s reinforcement is more than in 4 times lighter than steel reinforcement at equal strength properties that considerable reduces transport costs for delivery, loading-unloading and operational expenses on the construction site. The composite reinforcement of the company is not exposed to corrosion in most aggressive media including alkaline environment of the concrete. The test showed that the KomAr reinforcement endurance in the product is at least 100 year. The thermal extension coefficient of the composite reinforcement (5-9·10-6/°С) is compared to the concrete (7-10·10-6/°С) providing their mutual operation under negative and positive temperatures as opposed to steel reinforcement (13-15·10-6/°С) that under the temperature fluctuations deforms more resulting to high internal concrete stress causing its destruction. The composite thermal conductivity is more than in 100 times lower than that of steel excluding formation of cold bridges of bearing building structures. The offered reinforcement rebar does not conduct current, is magneto- and radio transparent that enables to apply it in such buildings and facilities as hospitals, airports, radiolocation stations, various military facilities.

Technology keywords

02006001 Materials, components and systems for construction

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08001018 Polymer (plastics) materials

Intellectual property rights

Patents granted

Comments, number and date of patent

he company recieved the patent for utility model in 2015

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: SMEs, construction companies. Field of activity: companies involved in construction of residential and non-residential dwellings, companies producing reinforcement. Partner’s role: the partner will purchase the manufactures (wholesale or retail) to use for its purposes or further reselling under distribution services agreements. The partner’s role under commercial agency agreement - present of the Russian company’s products in the international markets.

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