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Russian manufacturer of clean air systems seeks agents or distributors

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The Russian company is specializing in production of industrial emissions abatement systems based on advanced emission control catalysts and sorbents is looking for partners under a commercial agency and distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Perm was established in 2004. Since 2004 specialists of the company have been developing and manufacturing efficient gas emissions abatement systems utilizing state-of-the-art catalytic technologies. The Russian company produces the equipments which reduce gas emissions and neutralizes the hazardous substances such as organic substances vapours, hydrogen sulphide and sulphur oxides, dioxin, benzapyrenes and furanes, ammonia and ozone, solid aerosols, CO and NOx with efficiency up to 99.8%. Extensive experience of the company allows to help clients from various industries solve most of their emission-related problems. Specialists design abatement systems for brand new industrial locations, modernize existing ones, offer solutions that help increase energy efficiency and comply with orders issued by regulatory authorities. Each system is custom designed in full compliance with client’s technical design specification. Catalytic gas emissions abatement systems are modular. Basic configuration consists of heating module, catalytic reactor and recuperative module. Heating module heats up gas flow to the temperature, necessary for steady catalytic process. Catalytic reactor is designed for organic and non-organic emissions abatement. Recuperative module is designed for nonpurified air preheating and cleaned gas cooling by means of recuperation of heat. Catalytic gas emissions abatement systems are equipped with optional modules such as filtration module which ensures cleaning of solid particles and aerosols, sorption module and optional systems such as urea injection system, air flow control system, monitoring system when necessary. Sorption module provides cleaning of acid gases, halogen-,sulfur-, phosphorous compounds and prevents accumulation of dirt. Today regenerative thermal oxidation system is the most efficient abatement solution for VOC process and ventilation in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Industrial air cleaning by means of regenerative thermal oxidation system is an economically feasible option for printing plants and paint manufacturers. High energy efficiency is one of the main advantages of regenerative thermal oxidation systems. Exhaust gas temperature can be used for air heating in production premises or water or oil heating. Сhemisorption module is specifically developed for sulfur odor, halogen-containing extractives, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia neutralization. It can be used both as a part of gas emissions abatement system or as an individual unit of equipment in air ventilation system. The company has been offering the following services such as preparation of project documentation for internal engineering systems, environment protection measures development, external supply lines design, organization of front-end engineering design preparation by the client, process engineering solution design, custom equipment engineering design. The company is looking for partners in EU and CIS countries from chemical and chemical recovery industry, oil and gas industry, cosmic industry, agricultural sector, food industry to collaborate under commercial agency and distribution services agreements. Potential partners should be the trade agents or distributors to represent or sell the products of the Russian company on foreign markets. Details of co-operation and supplying will be discussed with a potential partner interested in partnership.

Innovations and advantages

- Engineering solutions of the company allow to combine existing technologies and available products with the developments in the most efficient way possible. - Quality management system certification ISO 9001:2008 is a universally acknowledged guarantee of the company’s compliance with international operational standards. - Advantages of regenerative thermal oxidation system (RTO): 1. versatility - regenerative thermal oxidation system can be used for both low and high concentrations of VOC (volatile organic compounds) ranging from 1000 to 150 000 m3/h, 2. zero-waste operation - RTO system ensures complete VOC decomposition therefore there is no need in designing and implementing a waste management system, 3. reliability - RTO consists of towers with heat resistant ceramic insulation and long service life of ceramic material guarantees continuous operation of the system. - Advantages of chemisorption module: 1. efficiency - emission abatement efficiency can reach up to 99,8% depending on the amount of sorbent and emission composition, 2. versatility - operating temperature ranges from -30 to +450, making it possible to neutralize emissions from a variety of processes, 3. multifunctionality - chemisorption module can be used both for regular day to day abatement and neutralization of emergency emissions.

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Partner Type: SME, MNEs, large companies. Field of activity: chemical and chemical recovery industry, oil and gas industry, cosmic industry, agricultural sector, food industry. Role of the partner: to represent or sell the products of the Russian company on foreign markets.

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