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Russian manufacturer of ceramic bricks seeks distributors

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A Russian manufacturing company from Kaliningrad region is one the leading Russian modern enterprises in manufacturing of bricks of various forms, structure and colour and is looking for partners under a distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company specializes in production of ceramic bricks. The company was established in 2005. Since that time it has rapidly enlarged its production and nowadays more than 60 cities of the country constantly order ceramic products of the company. It realizes the entire cycle of brick manufacturing - from extraction of raw materials to designing, manufacturing and selling operations.The total production space is 14112 sq.m.. The company's own sand and clay reserves equal 166,71 ha. The primary product is extracted in summer period. As the mass is very inhomogeneous, it is put in layers in cones and left for a year or two. After grinding operation the mass goes to the clay storage building for two weeks. Then follows batch mixing, further - vertical mixing and finally the material goes to extruding machine. There, the mass continuously runs into the clay beam, which is cut automatically into the bricks. Drying the bricks in regular temperature and burning them during two days in 1200oC are the most important stages of the production. Finally, high-burned bricks are put automatically in pallets, which then pass to packing machine and are wrapped with the shrink bags. The packed production is conveyed out on the chain transportation system, then taken off by the trucks and carried to the finished goods warehouse. So, it produces nearly 60 millions of bricks per year. Its production line includes more than 20 ceramics like lining and common bricks, wire-cut and conditionally wire cut bricks, hollow clay blocks, burnt clay masonry block,large-sized ceramic stones and tiles. The company is interested in finding partners from the construction area to conclude distribution services agreements. The expected result is to intensify the export of its range of products by establishing new business relationships with the distributors.

Innovations and advantages

- ecological properties of the goods (the bricks are made of clay, water and sand which allow the building breathe and create a favourable climat); - durability (the ceramic buildings may serve 100 and more years without face-lift); - frost-resistance (only ceramic is able to keep its mechanical durability after the definite freeze-defrost cycle); - aesthetic qualities (ceramic buildings don't require any finishing decoration and never fade in sunlight); - Russan and European quality test certificates concerning every product (GOST 530-2012), (1397-CPD-0394).

Technology keywords

02002003 Drying
02002005 Forming (rolling, forging, pressing, drawing)
02002013 Moulding, injection moulding, sintering
02007003 Ceramic Materials and Powders

Market application codes

09007002 Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems

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Area of partner's activity

SMEs The companies envisaged are distributors who sell the building materials, as well as construction companies are of utmost interest too. Distribute the Russian products.

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