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Russian manufacturer of catheters for nosebleed treatment seeks distributors and agents

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A Russian company from Yaroslavl region, engaged in manufacture of catheters for nosebleed treatment (made of natural latex), is looking for partners for its products under distribution services or commercial agency agreements in the CIS and EU countries.

Offer description

The Russian company is specializing in manufacturing of disposable catheters for nosebleed treatment, was founded in 2013 in Yaroslavl. Nosebleeds are a widespread pathology of ear-nose-throat organs. Often nosebleeds become a cause for patient’s admission to hospital. These catheters are used both during prehospital patient care (by doctors and paramedics of ambulance units) and in specialized hospitals (by doctors in emergency rooms of hospitals, in intensive care, hematology, otorhinolaryngology departments). There are the registration certificate for a medical device from 16.01.2015 and the declaration of compliance GOST from 30.04.2015. Catheters are manufactured in a specially equipped workshop. The product is disposable, packaged in sterile packaging permeable to gas. Sterilization by ethylene oxide. Special storage conditions are required. Shelf life - 2 years. The company is interested in cooperation with partners in the CIS and EU countries from sphere of wholesale medical products (pharmacies, companies that sell medical equipment) in the framework of the distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement. The expected outcome from the distribution services agreement is finding customers and increase of sales. The company is ready to provide all required materials and information, giving a partner an opportunity to resell the products (catheters) to its clients. As a result of cooperation under commercial agency agreement the company expects to develop a network of agents who will present the company’s products in international markets. The volume of supply and the question of logistics are consistent individually.

Innovations and advantages

Conventional gauze tampons have several disadvantages: - site pain at plugging and removal of tampons, - violation of the ventilation of the paranasal sinuses and cavities of the ear, - the inability to control the pressure of the tampon on the surrounding mucous membranes, - damage to the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity. All these disadvantages can be avoided entirely or the degree of these effects can be significantly reduced with the use of catheters, manufactured by the Yaroslavl company. Such results are achieved due to the unique design (catheters consist of a latex casing, inside of which a metal rod that allows you to change the shape of the catheter on the most comfortable). Disposable catheters are made of natural latex. Catheters are available in sterile packaging permeable to gases. Sterilization is by ethylene oxide. A special condition of storage of catheters is not required. Shelf life is two years. Introduction of these catheters to practice of nosebleed treatment also simplifies the critical condition cure and reduces the patient’s distress, as it significantly simplifies and accelerates the necessary manipulations in the nasal cavity of the patient. Catheters have already been used by the Scientific center for cardiovascular surgery named after Bakulev (under Russian academy of medical sciences). The catheters were used in the reconstructive surgery department. Catheters are also successfully applied in the Department of otorhinolaryngology and maxillofacial surgery of the Clinical emergency hospital named Soloviev (Yaroslavl region).

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06001002 Clinical Research, Trials
06001007 Emergency medicine
06001017 Surgery
06001021 Single Use Products and Consumer Goods

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05003005 Drug delivery and other equipment
05004006 Surgical instrumentation and equipment
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05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: SMEs. Field of activity: companies that sell medical products. Role of partner: - under the distribution services agreement - search for companies interested in purchasing of the catheter to resell them to customers from other countries; - under the commercial agency agreement - to represent the interests of the company in the national market of a partner, to act on behalf of the company to promote sales.



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